Innovative computing environment for Science, Engineering and Mathematics

MatDeck’s unique software architecture provides a document editor and a modular design paired with simultaneous processing engines that are expertly applied in mathematics, chemistry, physics, computing, signal processing, control, data acquisition, electronics and other engineering and scientific applications.

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Universal Technical Software for Science, Engineering and Mathematics

MatDeck allows the integration of text editing, script language, the ability to generate GUIs, flowcharts, virtual instrumentation, data visualization, programing, and parallel processing on multiple computers all to be comprehensively done within its documents. MatDeck documents clearly embody the user’s ideas and thoughts.

Expressing programming ideas in MatDeck takes usually less lines of code compared to others. MatDeck’s numerus advanced mathematical functions and abilities for scientific computing are equipped with an array of efficient methodologies that are easy to use, have a broad and diverse range of capabilities all at an accessible price.

MD Python (Free)

The three scripts provided within MD Python (Python, C and MD’s C++ style script) have been created to operate simultaneously and independently, whilst ensuring users a variety of features, some including:

  • Mathematical functions
  • 2D/3D graphs
  • SQL
  • Limited Python GUI Designer
  • Tables
  • See more

MD Python Designer

MD Python Designer is the advanced version of MD Python with additions such as:

  • Complete Python GUI Designer
  • Complete MD script GUI Designer
  • Altering widgets and applications
  • Discrete functions
  • More features

This allows for documents and applications to be altered and edited to an extremely high level. Custom GUIs have been designed in mind with the idea that any level of user can utilise it as well as learn and further their skills on both the application and on the scripts.

MD Engineering Designer

MD Engineering Designer is a universal engineering software for use by all engineers. Whilst MD Engineering Designer is complete with various complex features, the user interface is especially streamlined for engineers. This version allows users to perform tasks and use applications with extremely composite features whilst reducing the time and effort needed to maintain and change scripts. As in this software our scripts can solve the most sophisticated tasks, whilst output by users is done to immaculate quality.

MD Visionary Deck

In comparison to R script, its simpler to use, has better efficiency, visibility and transparency. This achieved by cleverly integrating all features in single documents. Unlike traditional R script, Visionary Deck incorporates text editing and mathematics directly in documents without the use of additional windows. By utilising the WYSIWYG approach, using the software will feel like an ordinary text document with the addition of a mathematical engine.