Advantech Software

MatDeck Advantech software allows users to configure devices by GUI configuration forms or by dedicated Advantech commands. GUI will transform into code and you can mx wih your code, this will speed your development and reduce amount of code 3to 5 times. Advantech GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) are simple to use, meaning no code or training is needed.

Shown below is a MatDeck Advantech Software GUI form that is used to easily configure an Advantech device.

advantech device configuration

MatDeck’s dedicated and unique Advantech forms allow interfacing without code and any additional code is automatically synced and complied together. Users can also integrate C ++ style script, Python, drawings, diagrams, mathematical functions, tool kits, DSP   signal processing, documentations, tables, custom graphical user interfaces (MatDeck visual GUI designer) and other complex features in the same file in real-life speed.

Configuration forms can be used with the GUI designer to create exe apps, independently opened and used for numerous applications on different PCs.

advantech devices for analog output

Advantech can also interface with MatDeck SCADA and Virtument. MatDeck SCADA is used to control, receive and send data to and from devices, it is set using a database GUI and plays an important part of database acquisition for representing data simply and accurately. Similar to SCADA, Virtument is virtual PC instrumentation software. It can receive and transmit data to MatDeck, and apply MatDeck functions and GUI Tools which can process data, including DSP functions, DSP tool kits and various GUIs.

Advantech devices can be connected using an USB interface, PCIe interface, Modbus, RS485, serial port and Profinet.

MatDeck is compatible with many databases, however, SQLite is simple to use and come pre-installed with MatDeck. MatDeck SCADA is easy to use and is perfect for monitoring, collecting, sending and managing data. Below is a simple GUI that’s for using SCADA with Advantech devices, a SCADA can also be created using drag and drop.

using SCADA with Advantech devices

Advantech virtual instrumentation and control software

advantech software

Advantech devices connected with MatDeck can be directly used and interacted with Virtument, MD’s Virtual instrumentation software.

Here, over 19 individual instruments each available with editable customisation can be used to display, control and measure data derived from Advantech devices.

Data is communicated throughout Virtument via channels. By using the same channel, data and values from one instrument widget can be sent and received by other instruments.

Those same channel variables can be used in code files with both MatDeck Script and Pyhton. Essentially, any and all values/variables used in the Virtument panel are free to be mixed with and utilised in MatDeck code and Python, maths, various GUIs, and text editing. This includes approximately another 2000 functions.

MatDeck Advantech software commands

Custom Advantech functions which are specifically made for Advantech devices can be used to make interacting with MatDeck Advantech software simpler. Functions can be inserted by clicking on the Advantech menu functions or writing them.

advantech functions

Processes such as these can be developed further by using video card hardware acceleration. MatDeck software allows the processing power to be increased by utilising the ArrayFire library. Here, the processing load will be moved to the video card, meaning more processing power can be spent on ICP DAS applications. With a high quality video card, users can achieve extremely fast processing speeds.

Necessary tools for Advantech OEMs

Matdeck Advantech software is already viable with numerous Advantech devices meaning it is applicable to a large number of Advantech OEMs.

MD GUI designer allows users to create custom GUIs that are specified for their application and interact with their devices. Similar to Virtument, MD GUI designer can be directly used with the rest of MatDeck and any MD documents (programming and standard files). Most importantly, MD GUI designer automatically converts the designed GUI to editable and executable code.  Users can add and edit their own code to the GUI generated code for automatization, control, measurement, various equipment, and products in the form of a customised app. An unlimited amount of copies of this app can be used on different PCs.

virtument widgets

Through MD’s GUI designer, users avoid having to write countless lines of code and can instead spend the saved time on improving and tailoring their code to their application.

GUI designer assists users with the following:

  • Cut coding time tenfold by auto-generating majority of the code
  • Mistakes are exponentially reduced as user’s memory and coding ability isn’t tested
  • By designing your GUI application visually, creating and understanding the logistics of it are simplified

Deploy EXE

Deploy EXE – MD can convert users’ custom GUIs to EXE files allowing others to use that same application without the code.  By doing so, a customised standalone app will be created dedicated to the user’s needs. An unlimited amount of copies can be used on different PCs.

Advantech devices can also be used in MD SCADA GUI. SCADA images are shown below:

SCADA configuration form

Compatible Advantech Devices

  • ADAM-4117 8-ch analogue input module
  • ADAM-4118 8-ch thermocouple input module
  • ADAM-4150, Digital I/O module
  • ADAM-4168 Relay output module
  • ADAM-4115 thermocouple input module

ADAM 5000 Series

  • ADAM-5091
  • ADAM-5095
  • ADAM-5013
  • ADAM-5017
  • ADAM-5017H
  • ADAM-5017P
  • ADAM-5017UH
  • ADAM-5018
  • ADAM-5018P
  • ADAM-5024
  • ADAM-5050
  • ADAM-5051
  • ADAM-5051D
  • ADAM-5051S
  • ADAM-5052
  • ADAM-5053S
  • ADAM-5055S
  • ADAM-5056
  • ADAM-5056D
  • ADAM-5056S
  • ADAM-5056SO
  • ADAM-5057S
  • ADAM-5060
  • ADAM-5069

USB Modules

  • USB-5820
  • USB-5817
  • USB-5801
  • USB-5830
  • USB-5850
  • USB-5860
  • USB-5855
  • USB-5856
  • USB-5862
  • USB-4630
  • USB-4620
  • USB-4622
  • USB-4702
  • USB-4704
  • USB-4711A
  • USB-4716
  • USB-4718
  • USB-4750
  • USB-4751
  • USB-4751L
  • USB-4761

Series 6000 – Modbus

  • 6224
  • 6256
  • 6251
  • 6266
  • 6260
  • 6250
  • 6217
  • 6066
  • 6060
  • 6050
  • 6017
  • 6015

… and countless other Advantech devices.

Contact support for clarification on whether your Advantech device is compatible.

MatDeck SCADA example

Examples of using Advantech with MatDeck