Advanced AI Presentation

MD Products combine Python’s large ecosystem of AI development with its own AI and Machine Learning library, 1600+ mathematical and engineering functions as well as several Python GUI Designer to allow you to create a professional interface for your app or program in seconds.

All MD Python functions run at essentially C++ speed which is critical for Machine Learning, AI Mathematics and more. Our function handle enormous amount of data without a lot of power and with Pythons syntax.

python functions like native md functions

For Programmers who prefer to use programs that they have already made, LabDeck Notes provides an interactive document which will allows you to present your solution flawlessly and without the need of any special syntax. LabDeck Notes allow you to integrate Python AI functions naturally, giving you the opportunity to exhibit your code efficiently and explain as smoothly as a story

Narrative text editing allows you to customize any text in the same way that you customise text in Microsoft Word. It does this in the same document that you can run and show off your code. Below we can see how we import Data1 and Data2, then we use the native MD function regressiontable() to see if typical regression it the data, once we see they don’t we use our Python functions DecsionTreeModel() and DecsionTreeModel() to get a much more accurate prediction.

LabDeck Notes live document allows you to have live code in your document alongside toolboxes and embedded 2D and 3D Graphs directly into the document. As mentioned, before it also provides a bridge between Python and MatDeck Script as it can use both of them in the same environment. This can be done using the call function which allows you to treat a Python function as a Native MD function or you can use Python script directly in the MatDeck document.

python script in matdeck document

MatDeck’s Python IDE also make it fast and simple utilize Python and its vast library ecosystem to create the perfect AI for you.  MatDeck’s Python IDE offers:

  • Improved productivity: IDEs provide a centralized workspace for coding, debugging, and testing, allowing developers to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Code highlighting and completion: IDEs provide features such as syntax highlighting and code completion, making it easier to write and understand code.
  • Debugging and testing: IDEs typically include debugging tools and testing frameworks that allow developers to find and fix bugs faster.
  • Increased code quality: IDEs can help enforce best practices and coding standards, leading to higher-quality code and fewer bugs.

This not only makes it quicker to code but all save stress and reduces errors allowing you to complete project without a fuss. MatDeck’s Python IDE also comes equipped with several Python