Basic Algebra

Using MatDeck to do numerical and algebraic calculations is very simple. Just enter the expression and place an equal sign at the end of the line, like in the examples below.

Equal sign

Every line can be modified at any time: change any of values in above lines and the result will automatically change. We will do a few more calculations to illustrate an example. Create a power function by using Shift + 6 key combination.

Power functions

To create a fraction node, use Alt + / key combination, or just / to do a division, without the visual creation of a fraction.

Fraction node

To enter a square root of a number use the sqrt function:

Square root

MatDeck has a wide range of constants built in, that you can enter by typing the character c before a constant name. For example, if you want to enter π, you should type cpi.


To enter a natural exponential function ex type exp.

Natural exponential function

For the absolute value function | | type abs, and the absolute value node will appear.

Absolute value function

For the natural logarithm ln( ) use the log function.

Natural logarithm

For trigonometric function cosine, use the cos function, and if you want an inverse of cosine function use the acos function.


Just a quick note: if you try to calculate a value that can’t be calculated, you will get an undefined response.

Undefined response