MatDeck Document

To start working in MatDeck you have to create a new document. To do so go to the File tab, press New and the document will appear. To change the document size and orientation, go to Layout tab→Page icon option. The document work area behaves as a regular Word processing program. As you can see, … Read more

Basic Algebra

Using MatDeck to do numerical and algebraic calculations is very simple. Just enter the expression and place an equal sign at the end of the line, like in the examples below. Every line can be modified at any time: change any of values in above lines and the result will automatically change. We will do … Read more


Variable is a mathematical expression symbol that represents quantity. You can define variables in MatDeck by placing := after the variable name. As you can see, variables are displayed in green in MatDeck. They are case sensitive, which means that b and B are considered as two different variables. When you define a variable in … Read more


MatDeck has an auto suggestion feature, which makes inserting functions a breeze. All you have to do is start typing in the canvas object and, after a second character is entered, MatDeck’s auto suggestion will list all functions with the same starting characters. Try to insert a function that calculates binomial coefficients. As you can … Read more

Vectors and Matrix

There are two ways to create vectors and matrices in MatDeck. The first one: place cursor in the canvas and use the Insert Matrix option from Math tab. The second one: use a vector or matrix function that will create a 2×1 vector or a 2×2 matrix. To create a new column right from the … Read more