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There are a total of eighteen predefined constants in MatDeck. Constants can be placed only in the canvas object. You can place constants in your canvas in two ways.

The first way is to place a cursor in the math object of the canvas and from Basic math button→Math tab→Constants tab click on the constant that you would like to enter.

Constants tab

The second way to insert constants is to place a cursor in the math object and to type a code of the constant that you want to insert. Constant code is the character c, followed by the name of that constant (third column on the above picture).

Every constant code starts with character c, so if you want to insert a number π, you have to type cpi in the math object. For infinity type cinf and for Oiler’s number type ce.

Insert constant

In addition to predefined constants, you can also define a new one. Go to Define tab of Constants tab, insert Constant Name, Constant Symbol and hit the Add Constant button. Your new constant will appear in the list above. We’ll name it exam. In the empty node, insert a value of your constant and remove the cursor from this field.

Define constant

Go back to the Use tab, and you will see that your new example constant has appeared in the constant list. Now we can use it with the code name cexam.

Constant use

As you can see, when you define a constant you can use units to definite it, as well.

Code names of all constants will also appear in auto suggestion while you type in the math object (in the same way as auto suggestion works for functions).

When we start typing, c + Alt + ex function will appear in the auto suggestion. You have to hold the Alt key because codename ce exist and if you type just ce Oiler’s number constant e will be inserted (as explained in Lesson 4 – Functions).

Constant auto suggestion