Curve Fitting

MatDeck’s curve fitting facilities form a series of data points, in which the user can apply various interpolations and regressions.



The interpolation curve fitting available in MatDeck gives the user and exact fit tot ha available series of data points.

Available interpolations are:

  • Linear interpolation
  • Polynomial interpolation
  • Ration interpolation
  • Cubic spline
  • Akima spline
  • Hermite spline
  • Cubic B spline
  • Bezier interpolation
MatDeck's curve fitting 1


MatDeck’s regression curve fitting forms a curve based on the statistical processes for estimating the relationship among a range of data points.

Available regressions:

  • Linear
  • Exponential
  • Logarithmic
  • Power regression
  • Polynomial regression
MatDeck's curve fitting 2

Our users benefit from two different technologies for curve fittings. One being a classical approach – where the user is using a standard set of curve fitting functions and the commands showed in the MatDeck document is curve fitting. The second technology is a curve fitting toolbox, shown in MatDeck’s curve fitting toolkit document. Due to MatDeck’s parallel processing, Excel, Database interface and other features of ours, users gain and extremely sophisticated yet simple solution for curve and function fitting. Generates curve fitted data and functions are available as a curve plotting graph, curve function or an array of curve data.