Custom Graphical User Interface – GUI

MatDeck generates custom Graphical User Interface, GUIs. They can work as an object in a MatDeck document plus be compiled as an independent application – EXE file.

Users can an unlimited number of GUIs which can all be used for various applications. This is one of MatDeck’s more powerful feature, as it allows the user to create customised software’s by using simple commands. These GUIs consist of the full MatDeck engine – ensuring speed and demanding features.

Custom GUIs can have the next objects:

  • Buttons
  • Radio button
  • Cheek boxes
  •  Spin and double spin boxes
  • Labels
  • Ordinary text box
  • Line text box
  • List text box
  • Progress bar sliders
  • Tables
  • Combo box
  • 2D and 3D graphs
  • Images
  • Widgets
  • Group boxes
  • Tab and scroll widgets


These are GUI examples:

GUI toolkit
GUI toolkit regression

Please have a look at GUI user manual and GUI Designer user manual