Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is used extensively in modern day engineering and technologically based work areas and fields. MatDeck performs data acquisition, virtual instrumentation, digital signal processing, programing, process control, signal filtering and conditioning, generating custom GUI with simultaneous generating documents all performed in harmony in the software with simplicity in mind providing an astounding user-friendly interface.

MatDeck’s ingenious software architecture provides an advanced interface for a wide range of electronic hardware applications. These include data acquisition units and cards, custom electronics and OEM products. Running both analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters, timers, counters, input and output ports, buses, and TCP/IP all done simply and efficiently meaning Matdeck truly provides a fresh and comprehensive approach to data acquisition.

MatDeck’s hardware interface software functions can be used for hardware data channel management and hardware drivers as well as API. These channels can fluently receive and transmit data direct to MatDeck documents.

MatDeck documents can simultaneously run the execution and communication all while the user can edit the exact same document while it is being run in the same time providing an inexhaustible variety of options. To achieve even higher execution speeds, the document file can be converted into an EXE file. This EXE file can now communicate directly to other MatDeck documents, EXE files and other electronic hardware.

Advanced data acquisition commonly requires expert coding and expressing programming ideas in MatDeck takes usually less lines of code. MatDeck programing allows the user to easily add member functions and data during the execution, variables do not have a fixed type and any memory not used any longer is freed automatically.

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