Excel Interface

Excel with MatDeck

MatDeck provides a wide range of useful functions and GUI objects that can help you to implement and use data from your Excel spreadsheets in MatDeck documents or help you export and save calculation data from MatDeck documents in Excel files. This way, Excel is incorporated in MatDeck to provide an easy to use, but powerful tool that can help you accomplish every task you can imagine. A traditional import and export data to and from Excel is available plus the option to in real time share data with Excel files. The same rules apply to open source LibreOffice – Calc spreadsheet software.

There are two types of Excel interfacing:

  • Excel read and excel write – IO functions with arguments
  • Excel Import and Export – GUI objects with properties

Excel read function

excel read function

Excel write function

excel write function

Excel export graphical interface

Excel export graphical interface

Excel import graphical interface

Excel import graphical interface

Functions from this group are described in detail in the following document: Excel in MatDeck.

Excel examples: