ICP DAS Software

MatDeck ICP DAS software can configure ICP DAS devices using GUI configuration forms or dedicated ICP DAS commands. This means that no code or training is needed, as the GUI forms are extraordinarily user friendly. Any additional code in the MD document, which is added after the configuration GUI, will be automatically added with the GUI code and complied and executed as one piece of code, this unique feature reduces the amount of code from 2 to 5 times. Below you can see how easy it is to configure ICP DAS devices.

icp das gui configuration form

Dedicated ICP DAS forms are used to interface codelessly with MatDeck and its features. Users can integrate MatDeck C++ style script, Virtument, MD SCADA, diagrams, mathematical functions, tables, custom graphical user interfaces (MatDeck visual GUI designer), signal processing, various toolkits including DSP , ArrayFire GPU acceleration functions,  and other complex features in the same file in real-life speed. GUIs and carte exe apps can also be made and independently opened and used for data acquisition and control.

icp das gui scada form

ICP DAS virtual instrumentation and control software

icp das virtument

ICP DAS devices connected with MatDeck can be directly used and interacted with Virtument, MD’s Virtual instrumentation software.

Here, over 19 individual instruments each available with editable customisation can be used to display, control and measure data derived from ICP DAS devices.

Channels are used to communicate data through instruments in Virtument.

Users can utilize those same channel variables in code files with both Python and MatDeck Script. In short, variables and values used in the Virtument panel can be integrated with MatDeck code and Python, maths, various GUIs, and text editing. This includes approximately another 2000 functions.

MatDeck ICP DAS software commands

Custom ICP DAS software functions can be used to interact with devices more directly and simplify the use of ICP DAS devices in MatDeck. Functions are automatically inserted when pressed on ensuring users don’t have to spend time learning them and reducing script errors.

icp das commands

MatDeck software is also equipped with video card hardware acceleration. This means that processing power can be increased by using the ArrayFire library in MatDeck, allowing for more processing power to be used on ICP DAS applications instead. This will reduce the load on the processor and move processing onto the video card. With a high quality video card, users can achieve extremely fast processing speeds.

Necessary tools for ICP DAS OEM Applications

Matdeck ICP DAS software is already viable with numerous ICP DAS devices meaning it is applicable to a large number of ICP DAS OEMs.

Similar to Virtument, MD GUI designer is universal and can be mixed with the rest of MatDeck and any MD documents(programming and standard files). MD GUI designer is a widget panel designed for users to place widgets and create custom GUIs for their specific applications and devices. Most notably, MD GUI designer can instantly generate editable and executable code that is equivalent to the user’s designed GUI. Users can add and edit their own code to the GUI generated code for automatization, control, measurement, various equipment, and products in the form of a customised app. An unlimited amount of copies of this app can be used on different PCs.

virtument widgets

Through MD’s GUI designer, users avoid having to write countless lines of code and can instead spend the saved time on improving and tailoring their code to their application.

GUI designer assists users with the following:

  • Coding time is reduced by tenfold as majority is auto-generated
  • Mistakes become scarce as there is no need for user’s to learn and write as much code
  • Visualising your GUI application in the panel simplifies the process

Deploy EXE

Deploy EXE – Custom GUIs created  by users can be transformed into EXE files for use by others without the need for them to have the code. A customised standalone app designed according to the user’s needs will be created. An unlimited amount of copies can be used on different PCs.

MD SCADA GUI can also be used with ICP DAS devices .MatDeck SCADA is used to control, receive and send data to and from devices, it is set using a database GUI and plays an important part of database acquisition for representing data simply and accurately

SCADA configuration form

ICP DAS devices can be connected using an USB interface, PCIe interface, Modbus, RS485, serial port and Profinet.


ICP DAS Software webpage

Compatible ICP DAS devices:

USB2019, USB2026

USB2045, USB2045-32, USB2051, USB2051-32, USB2055, USB2055-32, USB2060, USB2064-16, USB2064, USB2068, USB2084

M-7002, M-7003, M-7026, M-7024U (D)

I-7021, I-7021P, I-7022, M-7022, M-7024L, M-7028(D), I-7024, M-7024, I-7024R, M-7024R

I-7011(D), M-7011(D), I-7011P(D),  I-7012(D), I-7012F(D), I-7014D, I-7013(D), M-7013P(D), I-7033(D), M-7033(D), I-7015, I-7015P, M-7015, M-7015P, I-7016(D), M-7016(D), I-7016P(D)

M-7004, I-7005, M-7005,  I-7018P, I-7018BL, I-7018, M-7018, I-7018R, M-7018R, M-7018-16, I-7018Z, M-7018Z, I-7019R, M-7019R, M-7019Z,I-7017, M-7017, I-7017F, I7017Z, M-7017Z, I-7017R, M-7017R, I-7017R-A5, M-7017R-A5, I-7017C, I-7017RC, I-7017FC, M-7017C, M-7017RC, M-7017mC-16, M-7017RMS

I-7042(D), I-7043(D), M-7043(D), I-7045(D), M-7045(D), I-7045(D)-NPN, M-7045(D)-NPN, I-7044(D), I-7050(D), M-7050(D), I-7050A(D), I-7055(D), M-7055(D), I-7055(D)-NPN, M-7055(D)-NPN, M-7055U(D), I-7051(D), M-7051(D), I-7053(D)_FG, M-7053(D), I-7041(D), I-7041P(D),  M-7041(D), M-7041P(D), M-7041(D)-A5, M-7046(D), I-7052(D), M-7052(D)M-7054(D), M-7054P(D), I-7058(D), I-7059(D), M-7058(D), M-7059((D), M-7058-16, M-7059-16

I-7088(D), I-7088(D)/S, M-7088(D),M-7088(D)/S

I-87061W, I-87061PW, I-87063W, I-87064W, I-87065W,   I-87066W, I-87068W, I-87068W-2A, I-87069W, I-87069PW, I-87063, I-87064, I-87064, I-87066, I-87068, I-87069

I-87053W-AC1, I-87058W, I-87059W, I-87058#

I-87037W, I-87041W, I-87041PW, I-87057W, I-87057PW, I-87042W,   I-87054W,I-87055W, I-87040W,I-87040PW, I-87046W, I-87051W, I-87052W, I-87053W,I-87053PW, I-87053W-A2, I-87053W-A5, I-87053W-E5, I-87041, I-87057, I-87054, I-87055, I-87040, I-87051, I-87052, I-87053

I-87026PW, I-87005W, I-87016W

I-87022W, I-87024CW, I-87024DW, I-87024W, I-87024RW, I-87024UW, I-87028CW, I-87028CDW, I-87028UW, I-87028VW, I-87028VW-20V, I-87022,   I-87026, I-87024

I-87082W, I-87084W, I-87088W, I-87089W, I-87082

I-87017RCW,   I-87017W, I-87017RW,I-87017DW, I-87017ZW, I-87017W-RMS, I-87017W-A5, I-87018W, I-87018RW, I-87018PW,   I-87018ZW,   I-87019RW, I-87019PW, I-87019ZW, I-87004W, I-87005W, I-87013W,   I-87015W, I-87015PW, I-87016W, I-87089W, I-87013, I-87017,  I-87018

M-7002, M-7003, M-7026,  M-7024U(D), M-7022, M-7024L, M-7028(D), M-7024, M-7024R, M-7011(D), M-7013P(D),M-7033(D),  M-7015, M-7015P, M-7016(D), M-7004,  M-7005,  M-7018,  M-7018R, M-7018-16, M-7018Z, M-7019R, M-7019Z, M-7017, M-7017Z,  M-7017R, M-7017R-A5,  M-7017C, M-7017RC, M-7017mC-16, M-7017RMS, M-7043(D), M-7045(D), M-7045(D)-NPN,  M-7050(D),  M-7055(D),  M-7055(D)-NPN, M-7055U(D),  M-7051(D),  M-7053(D),  M-7041(D), M-7041P(D), M-7041(D)-A5, M-7046(D),  M-7088(D),M-7088(D)/S

M-2004, M-2017, M-2018-16, M-2217CI-4, M-2217CI, M-2224CI, M-2228CI

M-6026U-32, M-6018-16, M-6088-32

tM-AD2, tM-AD5, tM-AD5C, tM-AD8, tM-AD8C,   tM-TH8

tM-P4A4, tM-P4C4, tM-C8, tM-C8, tM-PDW8

tM-DA1P1R1, tM-AD4P2C2

tM-P3R3, tM-PD3R3, tM-R5m tM-P3POR3

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