Drag and Drop Python Mobile App UI Builder

Drag and Drop Python App UI Builder

All MatDeck Products now allow users to create and develop mobile apps for both IOS and Android. The lowest-cost MD Product for Mobile App development is MD Python Designer, it includes all GUI Designers, Mobile App Builders and IDEs without restriction at an incredibly affordable cost. However, in MatDeck Free, the GUI Designer is limited to only four elements, making it more for trailing.

The Mobile UI/App Builders for Android and iOS utilize a drag and drop UI element to simplify the development process and allow you to focus on the visuals and functionality of a program. All customisation and editing options are clearly visible and extremely easy to use due to the simplistic look of the UI Designer. Users also have a choice between using Kivy or PySide2 which is a level of in-depth customisation that very few UI and App Builders give you.

All MD Products are Windows PC based, giving you the opportunity to use a much bigger screen to work in much better depth and details.

No Code App Building

All UI and Mobile App Designers in MatDeck automatically generate Python code that fits the description and visuals made in the GUI Designer. This makes is perfect for beginners’ as it needs no coding to get a beautiful and fluid mobile app in a few clicks. It is just as well of a fit for professionals as it saves countless hours of tedious work made from having to individually code lots of GUI components and widgets when the code can be generated in seconds. All of this is done without adding any constraints such as adds.

Python Builder for Mobile App UI

Unlike other UI Builder, our GUI Designers allow you to create apps in Python, this is perfect for creating unique and never before seen products and Mobile Apps as Python is known for its easy to learn and use syntax. This means that bringing your creative and out of box ideas to reality is much easier with such a language. Mobile Apps can also be created with either Kivy or PySide2 giving users even more freedom to create the perfect app.

scientific calculator in matdeck gui designer

Add-free Cross Platform Mobile UI Builder

With the new addition of the Kivy GUI Designer, one source file can be used for Android and IOS as well as desktop operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. This is perfect for professional and regularly updates programs ad only one file needs to be modified to see the changes on any platform, saving countless of hours of reading and rewriting several source files just to change one small bug on all platforms.

Massive UI market place for Desktop and Mobile

By using the one of MatDeck’s Mobile App Builders you are creating a specialised UI for your mobile users while not only limiting yourself to a mobile audience. All MD products have GUI Designers and Mobile App Builders which can fluently translate your exact UI to work on several desktop operating systems, opening your app to millions of new users without losing any quality or time

Mobile App Builders with Professional Python IDEs, Debuggers and more

MatDeck allows the user unprecedented freedom in the work of Mobile App creation, not just with its GUI Designers and Mobile App Builder both with its IDEs and Development environments. Unlike other App Builder, MatDeck gives users a professional working environment for coding and editing, this means that users are not bound and restricted to the exact templates offered by Mobile App Builders. While MatDeck offer incredible levels of customisation and uniqueness, we also welcome out of the box ideas as to create an amazing Mobile App you will need to create something never seen before and so we allow our users complete control of their GUIs, GUXs and Mobile Apps. What you create is what the code will create without any nasty surprises.

Available UI Elements in each GUI Designer

ElementTkinterKivyPySide2 (Similar to PyQT)MatDeck Simplified C
Group Box
Tab Widget
Scroll Widget
Spin Box
Double Spin Box
Radio Button
Check Box
List Box
Combo Box
Line Text Box
Text Box
Horizontal Slider
Vertical Slider
Horizontal Progress Bar
Vertical Progress Bar
2D Graphs
3D Graphs

Each IDE can be changed and adapted to the user’s preference with options such font, font size, colour scheme and more. There are as the more practical and professional features such as several different ways to compile or execute a program, such as Evaluate Step by Step. The IDEs also allow for perfect recall of edits and mouse movements to better debug and fix code. AS previously mentioned, these are some of the features with other including things such as the debugger and breakpoints.

Each IDE also automatically adapts itself to the language and library used, allowing its auto-suggestion to be more precise and time saving. This makes them perfect for UIs as non-visual functionality code can be made into any UI they like.

The large variety of IDEs, UI Designers and Mobile App Builder allow you to bring your ideas to life in an extremely efficient manner and with great looks.

MatDeck’s Advantages

MD Products and their IDEs are the perfect environments to bring your ideas and concepts to life, allowing you to push your creativity to the limit. Aside from all the various Language IDEs and GUI Designers, there are many other versatile features available at your disposal. MatDeck’s document can run and incorporate Python and a vast range of objects such as mathematical functions, data acquisition, AI, database, DSP, chemistry, physics,2D Graphs, 3D Graphs, ArrayFire and more.

To became familiar MD Python Designer features and other MD products look Products Feature Table. These features are also available in Engineering Designer.