MD Engineering Designer

MD Engineering Designer includes Python, C and MD C++ Style Scripts as well as the complete GUI Designer with additional bespoke features for engineering users.

As the MD Engineering Designer consists of more advanced features and applications it allows users to utilise the scripts to the most complex level whilst minimising coding and the time needed to write, monitor and maintain applications/scripts.

Any work written by a user has the ability to be edited, from spelling to its design, with minimal time and code.

The polynomial and equation package included in the MD Engineering Designer are vital for mathematics and science (physics, chemistry and biology), meaning that regardless of the level of difficultly our scripts can solve the user’s task.

Furthermore, the exceptional graphic tools that are provided (such as image functions and curve fitting tools) produce exact and error-free designs, drawings and graphs which can be simply edited at any point.

Not only does the Build and Run Exe feature guarantee faster script compiling processing speeds, but users can share their work with whomever they want without the receiver needing MatDeck or any of the resources used.

MD Engineering Designer equips users with documents and outputs that can be comfortably edited, without excessive coding.

Features such as:

  • Custom Graphical User Interfaces
  • Plug-ins
  • Simultaneous text editing
  • Polynomial and equation packages
  • Random generators
  • Image functions

allow user’s documents and applications to be executed to abnormal levels of quality and speed.