MatDeck has an auto suggestion feature, which makes inserting functions a breeze.

All you have to do is start typing in the canvas object and, after a second character is entered, MatDeck’s auto suggestion will list all functions with the same starting characters.

Try to insert a function that calculates binomial coefficients. As you can see, once you have entered the second character, the auto suggestion already displays a related function. Just press Enter to insert it and you’re done.

Auto suggestion

If there are multiple functions that start with the characters you have entered, use ↑ ↓ arrows key to select a function you prefer.

Try to insert a function size. If you want to use code name sinh, you will have to type si + Alt + n + h.

If you just insert code sin, a sine function will be inserted.

With Alt + character combination you are essentially telling the software that you want to continue typing and to not insert a function with a shorter code name.

Multi auto suggestion

For every function in MatDeck, there is a Tooltip which shows a short description for the current function. Place your cursor above the function to display the tooltip.

Function tooltip

There are also tooltips for each and every argument. To display them, place your cursor in the argument node. Argument tooltip is optional. To turn it on or off, go to Math→Math Settings and choose options Show Function Arguments ToolTips.

Functions argument tooltip

There are no restrictions in a function nesting. Just place a cursor in the argument position of the function and start typing the new function name.

Function nesting

To place a cursor in a certain node or a function argument position, use ← and → arrows key to move the cursor from one node to another, or just place your cursor by clicking on the left mouse button.

Functions can also be placed inside of a document from the Functions tab. Place your cursor in the canvas and double click on a function you’d like to insert.

Functions tab