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Using MatDeck GUI Designer – MatDeck Lessons

The Matdeck GUI Designer is a GUI framework that is used to simplify the design, creation and maintenance of widgets, applications and GUIs. GUI Designer elements such as bar sliders, tables and 3D graphs are easy to drag and drop onto the space where you want them. All generated GUI widgets and apps can be transformed into Python and MatDeck code. MatDeck C++ style script is simplified C++ code that better suits the users’ needs and preferences. MatDeck code is much easier to follow and requires less syntax and lines.

The GUI Framework for the GUI Designer doesn’t need any skills for it to be used correctly and efficiently, as it has been created for all users. However for advanced users, both MatDeck and Python code can be used alongside the generated GUI Designer code to create complex and specialised programs.

All levels of users utilize the provided GUIs, and because of this they are fully customizable and unique to all users. All apps, widgets and GUIs created by the GUI Designer can be saved and opened as standalone, independent applications. Below is the GUI Designer manual link for any further help or tips and tricks: GUI Designer Manual

Below are a few of the premade features from the GUI Designer:

  • Buttons
  • Radio button
  • Cheek boxes
  • Spin and double spin boxes
  • Labels
  • Combo box
  • Ordinary text box
  • Line text box
  • List text box
  • Progress bar
  • Vertical and horizontal sliders
  • Table widget
  • Combo box
  • 2D and 3D graphs
  • Image widget
  • Instrument widgets
  • Group boxes
  • Tab and scroll widgets

As we clearly see below the MatDeck code on the left is significantly shorter than the Python code on the right yet both yield similar results. For more information on the difference between MatDeck and Python code, see the MatDeck, Python and C++ script page.

matdeck graph code
python graph code

Another good use for GUI Designers is database forms; these can be created in MatDeck with either Python or MatDeck code, however this requires some semblance of coding knowledge which the average person does not contain. Therefore creating a GUI saves time and frustration.

MatDeck MD Python GUI designer

GUIs for calculators can also be created frankly with GUI framework as shown below:

scientific calculator c style script md python gui designer

2D and 3D graphs app can also be created using the GUI Designer. 

MatDeck MD Python example elements

Important links for GUI designer:


For tips and useful information on how to use the different features in MD Python, use the following manuals: