Interactive Periodic Table

While a Periodic Table can be found anywhere, the MD Periodic Table is unique. The MD Periodic Table is a live and interactive Periodic Table. The live table will transfer selected element data directly into a document as a variable. The variable will be automatically showed in the document and treated as any other variable, meaning it can then be used for further calculations. All MD Products, including MatDeck Free, offer the MD Periodic Table, making it perfect to use alongside MD chemistry functions. This will allow MD users to utilize our software for all and any chemistry applications.

Writing the atomic numbers and data of elements is archaic and time consuming. By allowing users to directly transfer data from the table to the document, projects will be completed much faster and with no human error.

periodic table
md chemistry document
select property button

The Select property button allows users to further the breadth and depth of their knowledge. It includes information on:

  • Group/Period
  • Atomic radius/volume
  • Block
  • Boiling/Melting point
  • Density
  • Dipole polarizability
  • Electron affinity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Radioactivity
  • Discoverer
  • Origin year
  • Origin name

On top of the data provided, the Advanced Periodic table is integrated directly to the rest of MatDeck’s capabilities allowing users to fuse their chemistry knowledge with any type of application. By selecting an element of choice, the interactive table automatically fills variables with certain data of their chosen element.

  • Name
  • Atomic numer
  • Symbol
  • Atomic weight
  • Geochemical class
  • Select property (Mentioned above)

Each of these can be directly deployed in MD documents, Scripts, and other files as usable variables of your choosing.

usable variables

By doing so, MatDeck reduces the likelihood of human error and the time wasted on researching and using chemistry data. By reducing error and cutting working time, users become instantly more efficient and productive.

atomic radius

For the example above, Hydrogen was selected and each variable was set automatically with these settings. Users can choose and rename each variable, including Select property, of their choosing and insert this data by just confirming.

custom properties