MatDeck LabJack software for T-Series

Compared to other software, MatDeck users can integrate and combine MatDeck C ++ style script, Python, drawings, diagrams, mathematical functions, documentations, tables, custom graphical user interfaces (MatDeck visual GUI designer) and other complex features in the same file. However, what separates MatDeck is its No-Code toolboxes which allow for all of this to be done with no experience or programming.

MatDeck’s LabJack software is a perfect fit as it has more than a thousand demanded features, which can be used simultaneously as well as independently. These are all now available to LabJack T-series devices. One unique feature of MatDeck is Virtument, its virtual instrumentation panel, it can be seen below.

Virtument for LabJack

Any LabJack device connect to MatDeck to be directly controlled and operated by Virtument. Here, over 19 individual instruments are each available with editable customisation that can be used to display, control and measure data obtained from LabJack devices.

Channels are used to communicate data through instruments in Virtument.

labjack gui and table
LabJack GUI and table

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Visiting the MatDeck Lab Jack Examples page will show you more than 30 examples of MatDeck’s LabJack software that ranges from basic to extremely advanced examples. This includes graphs, visual instruments panel, generating reports, using a database and other solutions.

Why you should use MatDeck for LabJack devices

With MatDeck’s LabJack software, users can setup multiple LabJack devices in one document. The device can be either be set via code (Python or MatDeck C++ style script) or by a bespoke GUI for LabJack T-series devices.

LabJack GUI software

GUIs are directly integrated together with the user’s code. This unique MatDeck feature reduces coding lines by a factor of 2 to 5 times. Ultimately, it minimises errors within the written code as well as simplifying the entire process of writing code. Please see the LabJack GUI and table image. MatDeck documents ensure that multiple device setups and checks are made easy.

Users can make measurements or processes in MatDeck with multiple devices whilst using GUIs and being saved as a single file. The user just runs the file and all the measurements and tasks will be done again.

SCADA for LabJack Software

MatDeck also allows for the integration of SCADA alongside LabJack devices, it does this is a similar method to Virtument as it uses channels to send and receive data to and from the device. It can also log all this data into a database file as well as manipulate it with hundreds of MD functions.

SCADA toolbox

Here we can see how the SCADA toolbox offers all of this from one form.


Users are also able to utilize ArrayFire functions that allow for CPU and GPU acceleration of hardware. This reduces the processor load and executes code on a video card. With a good video card, you will create an extremely fast processing system which can be applied in many applications.

labjack database
LabJack database

On a single device numerous settings can be operated, as well as on the same pin. MatDeck ensures that the user can setup the device, change the devices settings and run the device again using new settings, all in one file.

PC virtual instrumentation is available to LabJack devices in the form of MatDeck Virtument.

MatDeck’s users can also use a database, if they are using measurements on LabJack devices for longer periods of times. Please see the LabJack database image.

MatDeck includes complementary specific commands for LabJack T-series devices.  The dedicated commands are found in MatDeck functions and include a description as well a necessary examples on how they are used.

optycal system gui
Optical system GUI

LabJack users can create tailored GUIs for their applications. GUI Designer will deliver code in Python or MatDeck C++ script and can be mixed with the written user code. This saves enormous amounts of time and reduce mistakes and deliver an independent application which can be installed on other PCs.

This is done by using the inclusive MatDeck GUI Designer as well as users being able to create plug-in software and functions. MatDeck has been created so that all levels of programming users can operate the various types of software and functions offered.

MatDeck’s LabJack code is compact as many functions are ready made so users won’t need to write any additional code for them.

virtument labjack widgets

Creating standalone apps(.exe) with our LabJack Software

Custom apps can be created in an unlimited number and installed on various PCs This will produce a .EXE file for LabJack applications and which users can distribute it accordingly.

MatDeck ensures that users can operate numerous functions from various areas of academics (science, mathematics, computing) to solve tasks effortlessly and quickly. Other than the mentioned examples, MatDeck has more than a thousand other different features.

MatDeck SCADA example
Example of a MatDeck SCADA application

There are two main segments of a SCADA application. The first segment is the device that is used to send, control and receive data and the other segment is the software that interprets and displays the data. This means communication between the hardware unit and the SCADA application is essential.

Custom MatDeck configuration forms are used to connect and configure the hardware devices. Depending on the manufacturer, different configuration forms are used for different devices.

Example of a SCADA form
Example of a SCADA form

For more information visit MatDeck LabJack Examples page.