Labjack T4 T7

Unlike most other available software, MatDeck allows you to integrate and combine MatDeck C++ style script, Python, Drawings, Diagrams, Mathematical functions, Documentations, Tables, Custom Graphical User Interfaces (MatDeck visual GUI designer)  and other features in the same file. MatDeck has more than a thousand different features. These are all now available to LabJack T7 and T4 devices.

labjack gui and table
LabJack GUI and table

For direct LabJack MatDeck support, feel free to email in subject LabJack.

Please visit the MatDeck LabJack Examples page, with more than 30 examples from basic to advanced including graphs, visual instruments panel, generating reports, using a database and other solutions.

Why you should use MatDeck for LabJack devices

Using MatDeck, you can setup multiple LabJack devices. You can choose to set the devices via code (Python or MatDeck C++ style script) or via a dedicated GUI for the T7 and T4 LabJack devices.

LabJack GUI

The settings GUI is integrated together with the user code which in turn means the GUI is directly combined with the user’s code. This unique MatDeck feature will reduce writing code by a factor of 2 to 5 times, avoid device setting code mistakes and simplifies the process of writing code. Please see the  LabJack GUI and table image

You can make measurements or processes in MatDeck with multiple devices using devices GUIs and save in single file.  You just run that file all measurements and tasks will be done again. MatDeck document remember multiple devices setups and check is all devices available.

labjack database
LabJack database

You can run the same device but with multiple settings on the same pins. MatDeck allows you to setup the device, change device settings and run the device again using the new settings, all in one file.

PC visual instrumentation is available to LabJack devices in the form of MatDeck Virtument

If you’re using measurements on LabJack devices for longer periods of time, MatDeck users can use a database. Please see the LabJack database image

MatDeck includes complementary dedicated commands for the LabJack T4 and T7 devices. Dedicated commands can be found in the MatDeck functions with a description and necessary examples on how to use it attached.

LabJack users can create custom GUIs for their applications. This is done so by using the inclusive MatDeck GUI visual editor. In addition, users can create plug-in software and functions.

With Matdeck you don’t need to be an expert in programing. MatDeck’s LabJack code is compact as many functions are ready made; you don’t need to write code for them.

optycal system gui
Optycal system GUI

You can create a Matdeck EXE file for LabJack applications and distribute it accordingly.

MatDeck users can create additional plugin software modules, sell software modules for MatDeck, and we will help. This is achieved by using MatDeck’s plugin technology.

If you’re short with time, MatDeck client support will build a custom plugin based on your requirements at a competitive rate. 

MatDeck allows you to use different functions from different areas of academics (science, maths, computing) together to solve tasks easier and faster. Other than the mentioned examples, MatDeck also has more than a thousand other different features.

 For more information visit MatDeck LabJack Examples page.