MatDeck Script

MatDeck ensures that less lines of coding are required when expressing programming ideas, and additionally is similar to other high-level programming languages, such as C++.

We cleverly use familiar syntax and other components such as types, the use of variables, loops, operates and control statements which are also all found in substitute high level programming languages. MatDeck possess a diverse range of data types ranging from Boolean, complex and integer data types all the way to object, interval, and vector. Fundamental characteristics such as functions, inputs, output, a variety of loops and a swift, simple and reliable compiler are all included.

Script editor means that MatDeck documents are evaluated consistently every time there is an equal’s sign or if a new line of the document has been REACHED. An alternative option to evaluate documents is by using ctrl + e or the evaluate button, which evaluates the document at any point.

For compiling processes, if the user wants to achieve even faster spend then they can utilise the Build and Exe option, by clicking on the Build and Run Exe button on the math tab. This will build the document as an application in a separate window.

To produce an executable file, just use the Deploy Exe option from the math tab and select the desired folder where you would like to save it. Some dll files will appear which are needed for the proper operation for the application. Now the application is easy to share, without the receiver(s) needing MatDeck installed on their computer. Please have a look at the programming examples and the programming user annual below.