MatDeck brings the 4 software’s: MD Python, MD Python Designer, MD Engineering Designer and MD Visionary Deck onto one document.

MatDeck is the most advanced software provided by LabDeck. The 4 already top of the line software’s combined together not only reduce coding line and errors, but the mixing of various codes means that other MatDeck features can be done effortlessly.

This includes filtering toolkits, data acquisition and different DSP applications. All these features make up MatDeck as well as hundreds of more toolkits and functions.

MatDeck being the top LabDeck product also comes with page frames and watermarks for users needing to showcase their work. GUI and Virtument are also rejuvenated with several addition toolkits.

Not only does the software utilise small amounts of code for complex problems but it does so with the document presentation being of similar quality to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

MatDeck combines all the best parts of the other software provided by LabDeck. 20 years of experience, first-hand Mathematics, Science, Data analysation and engineering are all integrated in one simple document for you to use.

MatDeck Features and Specs

MatDeck can be applied in wide range of scenarios, yet has technical abilities to be used in unique and specialized applications. The links below demonstrate some of numerous capabilities and applications of MatDeck software. Custom functions and plug-ins can be created for very dedicated applications.

MatDeck’s Mathematics

Data Acquisition

Advanced Features



Snippets of examples

MatDeck Manuals

Inside MatDeck


Check out these screenshots to find out more about MatDeck’s user interface:

For more screenshots and examples visit our Application Examples and Screenshots page.