MatDeck’s Mathematics

Mathematics is a crucial science and base tool for almost every aspect of life and the basis for other sciences. We can’t imagine any part of modern everyday life or say a name of some other science that doesn’t involve and use mathematics. MatDeck has designed and implemented functions for many mathematical fields respecting the mathematical rules and laws and optimized their calculations algorithms to prepare it for further usage. Calculations are done in documents, function result calculations can be incorporated in script language, providing a fast and powerful tool capable of solving problems from any discipline.

MatDeck supports both numerical and symbolical calculations. The symbolical subsystem is designed to completely embody symbolic mathematics and it can be used in completely natural ways without a need to change your notation habits.

MatDeck documents are designed to combine calculations and computation problems on one side and their visualization on the other side. On the same document you can design complex mathematical problems, describe and visually display them in mathematical notation, respecting the most accepted conventions. Mathematical functions can be used in two modes, visual and textual mode, allowing you to design and create fully functional and visually correct documents.

MatDeck’s visualization tools, 2D and 3D graphs, forms, GUI elements are all designed to allow the creation of visually effective documents and calculations which can be exported or imported.

Please consider having a look at the following mathematical links: