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MatDeck’s Mathematics

Mathematics is the foundation for everyday life as well as for various sciences. MatDeck’s functions have been specifically designed and implemented for mathematical fields. Multiple calculations can be done in a single document as well as on separate documents. Calculations can be incorporated in script language, to create a fast and powerful tool which can solve the most complex equations and tasks flawlessly with a few lines of code.                    

MatDeck has been designed to support both numerical and symbolical calculations. The symbolical subsystem has been created to completely embody symbolic mathematics, whilst still being able to use in completely natural ways without having to change the user’s notation habits.

Documents within MatDeck have been generated to combine multiple calculation and computation problems on one side and their visualisation on the opposite side. On this same document, the user can create extremely sophisticated and unique mathematical problems, as well as being able to describe and visually display them using mathematical notation, and parallelly respecting the most accepted conventions. Users have the choice to use mathematical functions in two modes: visual mode and textual mode. This ensures users, the ability to design and produce exceptional functional and visually error free documents.

The visualisation tools: 2D and 3D graphs, forms and GUI elements (a few examples out of the thousands provided by MatDeck) have all been designed to create and form visually constructive documents and calculation – which can be both exported and imported.

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