Algebra, one of the rudimentary but widely used fields of mathematics and one of the very first subjects taught in school syllabus is a fundamental field on which most of mathematics if based on. Its universal and flexible manner allows use to write symbols, solve equations, define other mathematical fields and turn abstract concepts into real and orderly mathematical units.
MatDeck is completely incorporated in symbiosis with algebra, respecting all algebraic rules which still maintaining endless usage and advantages of algebra for defining and working in all other mathematical fields. Our symbolical system as well as the algebra itself is easy to use and can help you effortlessly define variables and utilize all the advantages of defining of variables. This includes formulation of functions, the general formulation of arithmetic laws, formulations of equations and inequalities, expressions (such as polynomials), etc. Paired with arithmetic and arithmetical operations it creates a basic toll to be used for further work in a dense variety of scientific disciplines.