MatDeck provides a diverse range of the most commonly used mathematical, physical and chemistry constants. For constants that haven’t been already defined meaning that they haven’t been already defined there is an easy way to define new constants that can be later used in documents.

To insert a constant into a MatDeck document you can do one of two options. The first is to press on the preferred constant using your mouse or the second is to type its code word. Code-words for constants begin with the letter C (short for constant) and then appear in the autosuggestion box when you start typing the constant in. A good example is to insert the Archimedes constant (π) where you have to type cpi.

Predefined constants in MatDeck are:

Pi – Archimedes constant
e – Euler’s number
c – Speed of light in vacuum
ϵ – Elementary charge
h – Planck constants
k – Boltzmann constants
m – Atomic mass unit
N – Avogadro’s number
R – Molar gas constant
Ŗ – Rydberg constant
α – Fine structure constant
γ – Euler-Mascheroni’s constant
ε – Permittivity of free space
μ – Magnetic permeability of free space
σ – Stefan-Boltzmann constant
φ – Magnetic flux quantum


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