Nonlinear Equations and System of Nonlinear Equations

Nonlinear equations and system of nonlinear equations like their linear counterpart are widely used mathematical domains that can be found in many aspects of every-day life. They are especially applied in instances where the change of an output is not proportional to the change of an input.  Nonlinear equations and systems of nonlinear equations are commonly used to simulate and solve many real life problems such as predicting the weather, economics, studying ecosystems in a plethora of studies such as physics, biology, engineering, and many others.

Like its linear counterparts, MatDeck comes with nonlinear equations solver and system of nonlinear equations solver which are both implemented in the software. In MatDeck, we create the equations as an object which allows us to define nonlinear equations according to your need and preference. To define a system of nonlinear equations you need to create a vector of the equations. Equations are defined in symbolical form but the problem is solved numerically.

Functions that help you solve these problems are:

nonlinsolve – Calculates the solution of a nonlinear equation
nonlinsolvesys – Calculates the solution of a system of nonlinear equations

To solve nonlinear equations or systems of nonlinear equations you can utilize the functions mentioned above or alternatively you can just create the equation as an object, define the function and simply place an equal sign to the right of it to solve the defined problem.