Polynomials are a very important part of mathematics which are used in many different aspects of everyday life. They find extensive use in science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc), engineering (designing roads, buildings, roller coasters, etc), applications in economics (for modeling economic growth problems), medical research (behavior of bacterial colonies), and many more.

Inclusive with MatDeck are an array of tools and functions that satisfy every possible aspect of work with polynomials equipping you with all the necessary components to solve problems like the ones mentioned above. You can do a plethora of tasks in MatDeck such as polynomial arithmetic, define polynomial functions, plot graphs based on polynomial functions, solve polynomial equations and non-equations, use polynomials in derivation and integration, create special kinds of polynomials and find their roots (Chebyshev, Hermite, Jacobi, Lager, Legendre polynomials).

MatDeck’s unique symbolic system provides the perfect environment for polynomial definitions and the easily being able to use them in calculations. There is set of functions which can be used for polynomial arithmetic calculations, or you can just use MatDeck’s symbolic systems to perform the same calculations.

Functions from the polynomial set are:

poladd – polynomial addition
polsub – polynomial subtraction
polmul – polynomial multiplication
mupdiv – polynoamil division
polroots – roots of a polynomial
polvalue – replace a variable and calculate the polynomial value
roots2pol – calculate polynomial based on inserted roots
polchebyshev1k – Chebyshev polynomial of first kind
polchebyshev1kroots – roots of Chebyshev polynomial of first kind
polchebyshev2k – Chebyshev polynomial of second kind
polchebyshev2kroots – roots of Chebyshev polynomial of second kind
polhermite – Hermite polynomials
polhermiteroots – roots of Hermite polynomials
poljacobi – Jacobi polynomials
poljacobiroots – roots of Jacobi polynomials
pollager – Lager polynomials
pollagerroots – roots of Lager polynomials
pollegendre – Legendre polynomials
pollegendreroots – roots Legendre polynomials