Formulas Templates

The newest technological feature in the MD product line are formula templates which can currently be implemented for Chemistry, DSP, FFT and Physics. Formula templates are ready-made pieces of formulas or functions which can be inserted and used within a few clicks, they offer the ability to use several advanced formulas and functions without needing to write yourself.  At most, a user may need to change a variable name or value before the frmula template suits their needs. Formula templates help reduce the mistakes and time taken to finish a project, no matter how big.

formula templates


MD Products now support the Micro:bit microcontroller. MatDeck can directly connect to a Micro:bit on your PC via USB and the Micro:bit will be visible and can then be programmed in MatDeck. Micro Python can be written straight into a MD document or it can be programmed via the MD Python IDE. All Micro Python commands can be found in their full form in a MD Document. They also utilize drag and drop so they can be coded by all levels of programmers.

For more information, check out the Micro:bit page.


ArrayFire’s Mathematical Library for OpenCL and CUDA utilizes the processing power of the GPU to accelerate code execution and free up the CPU. Now, some mathematical functions will be executed on the GPU/video card. This will drastically speed up the time taken for mathematical processes and allow the CPU to be utilized for different tasks. Code acceleration is key in areas such as Machine Learning.

For more information, check out the ArrayFire page.

Interactive Periodic Table

As part of MD Chemistry, the new Interactive Periodic Table is available within all MD Products. While there are other Periodic Tables and various web tables, no other Periodic Tables can directly insert element data into a document as a variable. The data, once inserted, becomes a variable and can be used in all mathematical equations and functions as well as all MD Chemistry features such as automatically balancing chemical reactions, chemical formulas and all major chemistry databases.

For more information on the features of MD Chemistry, check out the MD Chemistry Software page.


Advantech is a world-renowned company for Computing, Data Acquisition and IoT. We are pleased to announce that we now support Advantech products, including their Data Acquisition products.

For more information, check out the Advantech page.

Chemistry databases

All MD Products including MD Python-Free now support all major chemistry databases. Users can utilize a code-less GUI to access the databases or users can utilize the coding functions to connect to the database, both options transfer the results of the database reading to a MD document. However, unlike any other software, the data can then be used for further calculations and documentation.

For more information on the features of MD Chemistry, check out the MD Chemistry Software page.

Engineering Designer

New in the MD Product line is Engineering Designer. A step up from MD Python Designer, Engineering Designer is a super affordable and specialised software for Engineering that boasts a set of features and function orientated for professionals. It includes features that are unavailable in MD Python Designer such as 3Dplus Graphs, Curve fitting tools; toolkits such as Equalizer and Equalizer inverse and packages such as FFT, Equation and Polynomial.

For more information, check out the Engineering Designer page.

Visionary Deck

Visionary Deck is a perfect combination of software for Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Programming. It brings thousands of MD features into one document for a budget-friendly price. It’s perfect for all and any professionals working on a budget. Compared to Engineering Designer, it offers additional features such as advanced chemistry functions, distribution and regression packages, Multiple PC parallel processing and AI functions. It offers all these features and more for an economical price.

For more information, check out the Visionary Deck page.

Database Browser and Database Browser Query

The Database Browser and Database Browser Query are now available in all products apart from MD Python and can connect to all major databases(SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL and Postgres databases). It is a simple, yet useful and time-saving tool that can be utilized by all levels of programmers. With it users can accomplish basic interactions without the need for code, the Database Browser Query can be used to search and show results of database queries. The Database Brower can all just be used to show database contents in a user-friendly and hassle-free form.

For more information, check out the Databases page.


MD SCADA is used to control and monitor arrays of devices. MD SCADA can be connected to over compatible hardware, it can then be used to receive and send data to and from device units. MD SCADA is easily set using unique SCADA GUI forms. For more advanced tasks, users can code that has been written will be automatically synced and complied with the SCADA GUI form. As with most MatDeck features, MD SCADA can be used in conjunction with other MD features such as Graphs, Mathematical functions, Programming, various toolkits, packages and other features.

For more information, check out the MD SCADA page.

Python GUI Designer

All MD Products including MD Python-Free now come with a Python GUI Designer. A Python GUI Designer is used to create Graphical User Interfaces without the need for any tedious coding and thus the room for mistakes is drastically decreased. Our Python GUI Designer utilizes drag and drop to create GUI components, the GUI components can then be coded for whatever need the user desire. Imagination and Creativity can run free when using the Python GUI Designer. It can also capitalize on many MD features, this allows it to be used professionally for any and all real-life situations.

For more information, check out the Python GUI Designer page.