Parallel PC Processing with MatDeck

MatDeck is a flexible software, some of the mathematical problems can be broken into parallel tasks where every task can be calculated independently on separate PCs.
Some of the available configurations of parallel PC processing are shown below. Usually there is a master MatDeck document which the user can use for graphical input, output and is connected to other MatDeck documents on different PCs. This master document will communicate via TCP/IP to other PCs and it will trigger the MatDeck documents which are processing engines. You will get simultaneously running MatDeck documents on different PCs.

Parallel processing 1 with MatDeck
Parallel processing 2 with MatDeck

For higher speed there is an option that allows you to compile MatDeck documents into EXE files which can also run on different PCs and can be monitored by the master MatDeck document in the same way as mention before. There are other configurations of parallel PC processing.

Here are some MatDeck document examples for the multiple PCs parallel process: