Parallel PC Processing with MatDeck

MatDeck’s flexibility, means that mathematical equations and tasks can be split into parallel tasks, where each task can be calculated independently on separate PCs.

A few of the available configures of parallel PC processing are depicted below. Usually, there is a master MatDeck document with which the user can use for graphical input, output and is connected to other MatDeck documents on different PCs. The master document will communicate via TCP/IP to other PCs and it will trigger the MatDeck documents which are processing engines. The user will have simultaneously running MatDeck document on different PCs.

Parallel processing 1 with MatDeck
Parallel processing 2 with MatDeck

Higher speeds can be reached by compiling MatDeck documents into EXE files which can also run on different PCs and can be monitored by the master MatDeck document in the same way as explained before. There are other configurations of parallel PC processing.

Here are some MatDeck document examples for the multiple PCs parallel process: