MD Python Designer

Python GUI Designer in MatDeck

MD Python Designer consists of Python, C and MD’s C++ style Scripts All these scripts can be operated individually, however MD Python designer comes equipped with the ability to combine MD scripts and Python scripts with a range of other MD features and GUIs into single MD documents.

Python IDE and MD IDE

MD Python Designer has all MD Python features plus more. It can be Classical Python IDE using Python files and all Python libraries. IT contains the complete visual GUI designer generating GUI components in both Python and MD Scripts and are bespoke to the users’ needs and are simple to edit. This allows for widgets and applications to be formed and maintained clearly without the requirement of having graphic designer skills. Therefore, producing a higher level of outcome in less time is made possible and accessible.

To became familiar MD Python Designer features and other MD products look Products Feature Table.

 Some examples of our features:

  • Narrative text editing with spelling
  • Databases SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL and Postgres
  • Database Browser
  • GUI Designer
  • 2D GUI Graphs
  • Mathematical functions
  • Mathematical formula editor
  • Tables
  • Drownings
  • Flowchart
  • Build and run exe
  • Deploy exe (with DLLs)
  • Other MD GUIs and numerus functions and features


The widely used SQLite comes already embedded in MD Python Designer. In order to use MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres databases, all these need to be installed. A database browser is available in MD Python Designer for database queries you must use Python libraries.  One level up affordable Engineering Designer has the same data browser with additional database queries within.

Mathematics, code, live EXE processing and text editing

Our Built and run EXE feature for both scripts and MD document guarantees that they are execute exceptionally. Even so in MD Python Designer you can create independent App by using Deploy Exe.

MD documents are “live” documents they process code, mathematic formulas and GUIs. It can be use as presentation or documentation for your applications or used as ordinary code file for programing. We also offer other affordable and sophisticated software products such as Python Designer, Engineering Designer, MatDeck, etc. Each different MD software comes with the same MD compatible files. Furthermore, the C++ Style Scripts which MD provides uses clever syntaxes and other components which are found in the most demanding programming languages.

MD documents have mathematical functions that can be called and edited in real time and have symbolic mathematics. The output produced using these functions can be manipulated at any point with the narrative text editing function that is included and mixed with the code.MD documents can combine the most complex math with any code in fewer lines. Apart from these scripts, MD documents can also possess text editing with bullet points, headers, footers and tables as well as a variety of GUIs. MD document example shown below.

Naive Bayes Training function

MD Python Designer unique framework

MD Python unique framework

MD Python uses MatDeck’s unique user interface to allow users to mix functions and features from different academics together in the same file. Above is a clever example that uses MD mathematics functions with Python to produce crisp and clear graphs without having to use unnecessary lines of code.

Variables and functions are examples of objects that can be transferred to and from Python code and MatDeck. Variables are automatically exchanged between MD’s mathematical editor and the code editor as they can both mix.

MD documents have mathematical functions that can be called and edited in real time and have symbolic mathematics. The output produced using these functions can be manipulated at any point with the narrative text editing function that is included and mixed with the code.

Objects that are transferred can be manipulated and processed further. In short, there is no need for extra code when performing complex math with Python as MatDeck provides.

MD Python’s interactive learning environment

While being able to integrate Python with a range of other features, MD Python also focuses on providing a comfortable and user-friendly interface. This is especially beneficial for beginners and those learning Python by easing the transition to Python.

MD Python interactive learning environment

By being committed to an ergonomic and easy to use interface both beginner and experienced programmers can enjoy shorter coding times and stress free programing.

These added features make learning and using Python much easier and simpler. Students or beginners who are not yet accustomed to the complexities of Python will prefer MD Python’s interface. Professionals and veteran coders will also enjoy the added features.

MD Python added features

Auto fill generator – will predict and make suggestion for the user. This includes variables and functions the user declares in their code.

Math Tab – Under the programming group, users can access a library of definitions and arguments listed for all base functions

Zoom in sidebar – Allows users to view areas of code further down or above the current field of view of the code. Makes checking and copying syntax and variables much easier

Collapse brackets – minimises code placed within function brackets. Produces a compacter and easier to follow code

Find usages – produces an extensive list of all mentions of the word, variable or functions that is selected. Extremely useful for finding and changing Python objects as well as finding errors.

GUI Designer for MD Python Designer

MD Python Designer constructs concepts and projects digitally, with fewer applications. GUI components are provided in both Python and MD Scripts and are bespoke to the users’ needs and are simple to edit.

Similarly to MD Python, MD Python Designer comes equipped with non-limited MatDeck’s GUI Designer. The GUI Designer is an interactive graphical work environment which allows users to create custom GUI applications.

MatDeck MD Python example elements
MatDeck MD Python GUI designer

As this is the Designer version, it is equipped with the complete set of features and functions. This includes 19 individual GUI objects/elements and an uncapped limit of objects/elements that can be place on the work area.

MatDeck GUI Designer element properties

Each GUI element/object contains a high level of customisation and personalisation. GUI applications are more bespoke than and as close as possible to the user’s requirements.

Once a user has completed their design, they can generate their entire application in the form of programming code. Depending on the type of code file used, the generated code will be outputted in Python or MatDeck script (Similar to C++).

MatDeck GUI Designer code

MatDeck , Python and C++  style script

All MatDeck documents boast powerful scripts for MatDeck programming. The script itself is modified for easy to use C++ styled script, allowing for both beginners and professionals programmers to make a smooth transition to the MatDeck script. Due to the nature of MatDeck scripts and Python, you can combine graphs, GUIs and thousands of other MatDeck functions and feature all in to one document. In this document we will showcase the advantages of MatDeck in comparison to pure Python. Both MatDeck script and Python can be written and executed in MatDeck. Moreover, Python code can be called into a MatDeck script allowing for the best of both worlds. In this document we will showcase Matdeck and Python programming in similar situations and on three different levels: basic, medium and advanced to see the benefits of both.

Simple Graphs

On the left hand side we have the MatDeck code needed for plotting a simple graph. On the right hand side we have the Python code needed for plotting the same simple graph.

matdeck graph code
python graph code

s we can see the MatDeck code on the left requires significantly less code. However, the Python code is longer as both the axis label and the title are all generated via the code. Whereas the Matdeck code is used with a Graph created in a canvas for ease of use.

matdeck graph example
python graph example

As we can see the two outputs are nearly identical, only little differences are present. Nevertheless, In MatDeck graph properties can easily be changed by going onto the Graph properties GUI seen below. Every aspect of a MatDeck graph can be changed here to allow for a personalized experience.

graph properties

More about Python and MD C++ Style script

Creating Standalone Applications – Build and Run EXE

With MatDeck documents, you can build and deploy ordinary, independent EXE applications that have unlimited possibilities of use. For example, EXE applications can run databases, sort data or can be used for GUIs. Matdeck software can run EXE for hardware from hundreds of different electronic devices.

MatDeck documents deliver EXEs with execution speeds that are on par with the likes of C++ compilers.

Furthermore, limitless GUI features ensures that any parameters set by the user can be created into an application. With the use of narrative text editing, texts can be explained and taught concisely.

All necessary extensions and additional files (.dll) are created and included with the application in the selected folder.

Built run exe

All necessary extensions and additional files (.dll) are created and included with the application in the selected folder.

Built deploy exe

By creating programs into separate applications, users can send them to and use them on computer/PCs that don’t have MatDeck, Python Designer, Engineering Designer Visionary Deck installed. In short, through creating a standalone application, MatDeck ensures that even those that don’t MatDeck can enjoy the benefits.

Other applications

Below are Engineering Designer examples. The first examples show bullet points, text headings, equalizers which process data in real time and chemical balancing reaction below. For Chemists and physicist, Engineering Designer has many necessary time saving tools.

chemical equation and equalizer
Chemical equation and equalizer

This example shows an impressive nuclear fission graphically and its accompanying atomic balancing equation with subscripts and superscripts. These are all essential tools for physicists. Live atomic formulas, text documents, headers, bullet points and text boxes are available to help you present your work. On top of this, you can add mathematics and physics formulas, programming, diagrams, tables, etc. 

nuclear fission
Nuclear fission

For electronic engineers, various diagrams, tables, circuit drawings/analysis can be created. Documents that are used are “Live” documents. This means that formulas and equations can be in the form of text or as “Live” formulas which process data automatically while the document is being edited. 

Electronic filters
Electronic filters


For tips and useful information on how to use the different features in MD Python, use the following manuals: