MD Python Designer

MD Python Designer consists of Python, C and MD’s C++ style Scripts like MatDeck Python. However, MD Python Designer contains the complete GUI designer feature, which has various levels of application and features such as drag and drop.

This allows for widgets and applications to be formed and maintained clearly without the requirement of having graphic designer skills. Therefore, producing a higher level of outcome in less time is made possible and accessible.

MD Python Designer constructs concepts and projects digitally, with fewer applications. GUI components are provided in both Python and MD Scripts and are bespoke to the users’ needs and are simple to edit.

As these are visual designer scripts, different levels of users can effortlessly use them, making it easier to learn future scripts and features. The widely used SQLite comes already imbedded in all our scripts ensuring high-quality databases are among the many features that MD Python Designer offers.

Our EXE file for both scripts allows projects to be completed dramatically faster and operate documents at similar speeds compared to other dedicated programming languages.

Furthermore, the C++ Style Scripts which MD provides uses clever syntaxes and other components which are found in the most demanding programming languages.

 Some examples of our features:

  • Narrative text editing
  • Curve fitting
  • Database interface
  • Mathematical functions
  • Python libraries

The unique design of this script editor means MD documents can be customised even if there is an equal sign or a new line on the document that has been breached.