Comparing Python GUI Libraries

Python has several different Python GUI Libraries which all have different advantages and uses. MD Python Designer comes equipped with the most popular Python GUI Libraries such as Tkinter, Kivy, Custom Tkinter, PySide2 and our very own MD Python library. All of these GUI libraries come automatically installed in MD products and can be used straight-away.

We will compare all of these different GUI Libraries:

  • Tkinter
  • Kivy
  • Custom Tkinter
  • PySide2
  • MD Python

To do this we will use the same template and see how they look in each library. The template contains all widgets in their standard, disabled and customized form. The MD Python library also brings MD Instruments which are virtual instruments that respond, read, and write in real time. MD Instruments are available in all their forms only in MatDeck software.

Drag and Drop GUI Designer for Python GUI Libraries

The most important part of all MD GUI Designers is how they automatically generate all the needed code to bring your work to life, it allows you to customize, edit and perfect every widget to fit your app. It also comes with several time-saving features such as packaging your app into a .EXE file for easy distribution or providing a simple interface for the management of Python Modules, allowing you to install, edit and uninstall Python modules in a few clicks as well as allowing you to see all the Python modules you have installed.

Tkinter Python GUI Library

Tkinter is the standardized GUI library for Python, it has a simple syntax and accessible functions making it perfect for beginners as well as people who only need a functioning interface and do not need to focus on aesthetics, however, Tkinter can still have a fluid and sleek look. Tkinter is favoured by a lot of the Python community as it allows them to make working prototypes in a few minutes. Below we can see all Tkinter widgets

Thinker widget example by MD Python Designer
Thinker widget example by MD Python Designer

Custom Tkinter Python GUI Library

Custom Tkinter is the modern version of the Tkinter library, it uses the same simple syntax but gives the GUI an extremely stylish look without losing any of the benefits of the original Tkinter Library. MD Python Designer and other MD Products give the user the comfort of simple syntax and automatically generated code for Custom Tkinter GUI apps. This means that tedious and repetitive code is no longer a cause of stress and allows the user to spend more time on the functionalities and ideas behind the app. Below we can see light version of Custom Tkinter and how much more modern its looks compared to the other GUI Libraries.

All Custom Tkinter widgets by MD Python GUI Designer
All Custom Tkinter widgets by MD Python GUI Designer

The Custom Tkinter library is the best choice for user who like Tkinter but do like its aesthetics and want their products to be more eye catching.

Kivy Python GUI Library

Kivy can run on various platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Android, Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS, and many other related platforms that support Kivy, and this provides various functionalities for developing both computer and mobile applications and also for developing other multi-touch applications using its toolkit which includes 20 widgets for designing or developing apps. Kivy is available in all MD products apart from MatDeck Free.

Compared to other Python Libraries, Kivy has less widgets
Compared to other Python Libraries, Kivy has less widgets, as you can see above

When comparing Python GUI Libraries, you can see that Kivy is much more focused towards mobile applications and offer a relatively modern look, it does however have a smaller choice of widgets.

PySide2 Python GUI Library

PySide2 is essentially PyQT5 and is nearly identical to PySide6 and PyQT6, it is the most customizable GUI framework library. PySide2 has a relatively simple syntax but, Tkinter is still easier to learn and better for beginners. However, once accustomed to PySide2 it is a much larger GUI library with an incredible level of customization that gives the user control of all aspects of the library, this can make it confusing and overwhelming. However, MD Python Designer only needs a few clicks and you can make a finished product without any stress.

All PySide2 Widgets by MD Python Designer
All PySide2 Widgets by MD Python Designer

With PySide2, users can also make use of themes that give their apps a divine and polished look with a simple click, this not only entices users to your app but also gives it a consistency wanted by app users.

All Themed PySide2 Widgets by MD Python GUI Designer
All Themed PySide2 Widgets by MD Python GUI Designer

MD Python Library

MD Python is MatDeck Python library, its GUI library is identical to our MatDeck C library, which means it gives its users access to all MD Instruments and widgets.MD Instruments are virtual instruments that can be placed and used.  MD Python’s library Widgets also have a much higher level of customization. We can see below that MatDeck offers an incredible GUI library which gives a futuristic and academic feel.Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

All MD Python GUI Widgets by MD Python Designer

MatDeck also allows users to combine standard widgets in the same application as the MD Python Library, giving the users more than 1600 functions and anew working space to envision their ideas. MD Python Instruments are a visual aid to allow for advanced development of apps as well as specialized solutions in engineering g and data acquisition. The Instruments codelessly interact with MatDeck’s SCADA as well as Virtument (MatDeck’s Virtual Instrument Panel), this gives it a unique advantage over other libraries which require additional code and set up to be used with our SCADA or Virtument, however other libraries can still utilize these toolboxes.

An Example of Python Instrumentation with MD Python
An Example of Python Instrumentation with MD Python

MD Python GUI Designer

MD Python Designer allows users to create the same GUI prototypes in a matter of seconds with easier customization and simpler editing and lets you focus on what is really important without losing quality.

Below MD GUI Designer screen shoot we can also see the base template that has been used for all the GUI images. This template was simply copied and pasted between each library and each GUI Designer then automatically generated all of the needed code.

MD Python GUI Designer Development Environment
MD Python GUI Designer Development Environment Screenshot