Integrated Development Environment – IDE for C is available to use in MD products. If you go to File > New > New C file. There you will find C IDE.

New C file

Below is shown C IDE

C IDE debug

Expect the C IDE to be at the same place as Python IDE and New Script. The New Script is a modified C++ that is easier to use and is called MD C ++ style script with C ++ style script IDE.

Python and C++ style scripts can be use directly in MD document without an IDE. MD C++ style script gives you the power of C++ but with simplified syntax and variable use avoiding the complexity of C++.  When compiled, MD C++ scripts will be translated into C and compiled into an EXE file which delivers extremely fast execution speed. As MD C++ style scripts can be used directly within the MD document, you will get:

  • Extremely fast EXE execution speeds from the document
  • Extremely well-illustrated and high quality documents which are not possible to achieve with any programing language
  • Reduction in code amount by combining the code with other MD GUIs, features and functions

This is the key advantage of MD documents and will enhance your project to a much higher quality level. Example of a MD document is shown below. From line 1 to 7 is MD C++ style script and from line 8 to 15 is Python.

MD C++ vs Python