MD Python IDE

Each MD product includes Free MD Python which has MD Python IDE. This is standard Integrated Development Environment – IDE for Python. Python IDE is a smaller part of all MD products. MD products gives users the option to take advantage of Python directly in a MD document, without Python IDE and combine multiple other MD features and functions.  Python IDE can be activated by going to File > New > New Python as shown below.

New C file

MD Python IDE is shown below.

MD Python IDE

Combining Python with MD documents means more powerful options where Python is joint with various MD GUIs, functions and features are created. Shown below is Python in MD documents where Python code is initiated with #py and closed with ###.

Advantages from doing this:

  • Reduction in code amount by combining the code with other MD GUIs, features and functions
  • High quality documents  which would not be possible with any programing language
MD C++ vs Python

Except Python IDE, all MD products have C IDE and MD C++ style script IDE (simplified C++) plus MD documents which are more than an IDE – a live document with processing features.