Drag and drop Python GUI Designer

Python GUI Designer in MatDeck
Example GUI designer using MatDeck simple script

Python GUI/UI Designer features (include Mobile App Designer)

  • Python GUI Designers is a part of the MD Python Designer and shares it features MatDeck GUI Designer, MatDeck is however more complete and allows for much more variation.
  • MD Python Designer have 5 different Integrated Development Environments – IDEs for console programming, Tkinter Python, Kivy Python, PySide2 Python, C language and simplified C script.
  • Contains 5 different drag and drop GUI Designers: Tkinter, Kivy, PySide2, C language and MatDeck’s Simplified C.
  • Drag and Drop GUI Designer for mobile apps, specialising for Android and IOS.
  • Embedding Python code in MatDeck documents
  • Easily create .exe files for sharing
  • Python and C are already installed along with all the essential and needed libraries.
  • All Libraries and Designers are available in MatDeck Free, however each GUI Designer is limited to only have 4 drag and drop elements.

Available UI Elements in each GUI Designer

ElementTkinterKivyPySide2 (Similar to PyQT)MatDeck Simplified C
Group Box
Tab Widget
Scroll Widget
Spin Box
Double Spin Box
Radio Button
Check Box
List Box
Combo Box
Line Text Box
Text Box
Horizontal Slider
Vertical Slider
Horizontal Progress Bar
Vertical Progress Bar
2D Graphs
3D Graphs

Python GUI Designers

The drag and drop Python GUI designer is part of MD Python Designer and is also included in MatDeck GUI Designer, as it is the most sought after feature in the GUI world.  The GUI Designer allows users to transfer a visual piece of work that can made in minutes to smoothly functioning and beautiful GUIs by generating the code itself. Kivy, Tkinter, PySide2 and MatDeck C++ Simplified C script are a few examples of the languages incorporated. The GUI Designer eliminates all the tedious and stressful coding for visuals and automatically generates them, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

python script option in matdeck

The new Python Script button is used to choose which unique IDE you want to use. Then click the Script for which library and GUI Designer you want to use. When you select the script type, the IDE and GUI Designer will automatically change to accommodate the library, this gives you a perfectly tailored IDE without any extra work needing to be done

Mobile App UI Designer

Users can now also create cross platform mobile apps for Android and IOS with one source code file. Using the Kivy GUI Designer, you can create an aesthetically pleasing and fluent app that can be used across all platforms. The Kivy library also allows user to utilize specific mobile functions, such as accessing the Gallery, microphone and more.

Python Kivy IDE

The Kivy IDE contains a large variety of Kivy commands and functions but crucially the Kivy language is cross platform, meaning it is able to be ran on IOS, Linux, MacIOS, Windows and Android. Making it perfect for mobile app development as only one source code is needed.

Python Tkinter IDE

The Tkinter IDE contains the go to and easy to learn Python frame work. However, it lacks the portability of Kivy as it can only be run on computer operating systems. Nevertheless, it is easy to use and can cut development time greatly making it perfect for more practical uses.

Python PySide2 IDE

The PySide2 IDE utilizes PySides2 a Python library which is incredibly similar to PyQT. This library offers much more customisation to widgets and GUIs. It is the perfect language for professional Python based GUIs. Similar to Tkinter and Kivy, the PySide2 IDE also has several time saving features such as autocomplete on its functions and syntax, in addition to making code much more presentable and maintainable.

Python IDE with GUI/UI Designers, Debuggers and more

All IDEs come with several different customisation options such as font, font size and colour scheme. However, there are also many more practical and professional features such as several different ways to compile or execute a program, such as Evaluate Step by Step. The IDEs also allow the users to alter code previously changed and go to recent areas of the cursor to see the cursor activity. There are several more IDE features such as breakpoints and a debugger.

Each IDE is assigned its own GUI Designer, so the Kivy Designer for Kivy, Tkinter Designer for Tkinter and so on. This means that based for the IDE opened the GUI Designer will automatically generate code for that corresponding language. This makes them perfect for GUIs as a user can take their non-visual functionality code and add any GUI they like, choosing between the small differences of each language. As mentioned before all GUI Designers do use Python so Python code can be written for any GUI Designer no matter the visual library used.

IDEs are perfect to create concepts and prototypes to bring your ideas to life while still pushing your creativity, offering time and money saving feature that allow you to create your perfect program while remaining stress-free.

All the features can be incorporated with various languages IDE’s as each language IDE is given a unique library to better suit it.

MatDeck Advantages

MatDeck is the perfect environment to bring your ideas and concepts to life, allowing you to push your creativity to the limit. Aside from all the various Language IDEs and GUI Designers, there are many other versatile features available at your disposal. MatDeck’s document can run and incorporate Python and a vast range of objects such as formula editor, mathematics functions, data acquisition, AI, database, DSP, chemistry ,physics, flowcharts,2D Graphs, 3D Graphs, ArrayFire, automatic control are just some of the features MatDeck has. In addition, you can further expand your document by inserting pre-existing formula templates, designed with ease and simplicity in mind.

scientific calculator script and gui in matdeck

MatDeck Python GUI designer is a GUI environment that features drag and drop GUI elements allowing you to create a graphical user interface for custom applications. The complete GUI designer or Python GUI framework contains an exhaustive list of 19 individual GUI objects/elements that can be placed in visual GUI designer.

Once a user has completed their design, it can generate their entire GUI application in programming code. Depending on which script editor is chosen Python GUI framework generated will generate code in Python or MatDeck script (which is simplified C++).

In our free MD Python, the designer GUI is limited to five elements being placed on the work area. However, all other MD products are with non-limited GUI designer, for example, product MD Python GUI Designer is available at extremely affordable price. To became familiar MD Python Designer features and other MD products look Products Feature Table. These features are also available in Engineering Designer.

Simplicity of using Python GUI designer is shown in GUI Designer Manual

Shown below is a scientific calculator app, created by the GUI designer:

The next image is a database form, designed by the GUI designer:

MatDeck MD Python GUI designer

Python 2D and 3D graphs app can also be created using the GUI Designer.

MatDeck MD Python example elements
MatDeck GUI Designer element properties

Each GUI element/object contains a high level of customisation and personalisation. GUI applications are more bespoke than and as close as possible to the user’s requirements.

MatDeck GUI Designer code

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For tips and useful information on how to use the different features in MD Python, use the following manuals: