MD Python (Free)

MD Python boasts three scripts: Python, C and MatDeck’s C++ styled script, which has been designed with simplicity in mind and the ability to handle the most intricate programs. All these scripts can be operated individually, however MD comes equipped with the ability to combine MD scripts and Python scripts with a range of other MD features into single MD documents. This includes:

  • Various GUIs
  • Graphs
  • Flowcharts
  • Drawings
  • GUI Designer
  • SQL
  • Tables
  • Mathematical formula editor
  • Another few thousand other functions

MatDeck documents can combine the most complex maths with any code in fewer lines. Apart from these scripts’, MD documents can also possess text editing with bullet points, headers , footers and tables as well as a variety of GUIs (e.g. audio and filtering GUIs).

MD documents have mathematical functions that can be called and edited in real time and have symbolic mathematics. The output produced using these functions can be manipulated at any point with the narrative text editing function that is included and mix with code.

Variables are automatically exchanged between MD mathematical editor and the code editor as they can both mix. In short, there is no need for extra code when performing complex maths MD Python can be interacted with and used with SQL lite and custom MD GUI designers.

Due to this being a free version, the GUI designer is limited to five elements. However, MD Python GUI designer is available at an affordable price. MD Python includes SQL lite which is directly installed with MD Python. Therefore, users can create MD documents which can mix all these very powerful tools, separating us from other software’s.