Python Calculator and Scientific Calculator

This page will illustrate the design for multilevel calculators, ranging from simple to advanced scientific calculators. The initial level is the ‘Easy Calculator in Python’. For reduced quantities of code, users can use MD Python Designer. This includes GUI designer, allowing users to take advantage of the drag and drop visual GUI design elements and will generate Python code for GUI calculator. The simple calculator GUI design is shown in the image below:

calculator python gui designer

For example the designer image shows that Button 6 has been joined with Event function on_6, selecting by mouse Button 6 will trigger event function on_6. Each button has its own event function. Line Text box (displayed within the calculator) shows both the mathematical operation required to solve the equation and the outcome of the equation. All code is generated by the Python Designer, the user only has to drop GUI elements on GUI surface in order to edit to their preferences. After GUI Designer generating event functions for buttons and Line Text Box, it has been written Python code which run mathematics.

Python Easy Calculator example code download.

Generated code for Python Easy Calculator form GUI designer using MD Python Designer is shown below:

calculator python designer ide

Evaluate Python Easy Calculator you will get calculator shown below.

easy python calculator exe

To reduce Python code amounts and design time for calculator, MD C stile script for has been used. This will guarantee easy use for complex calculators regardless of the users’ levels, due to removing certain Python limitations, i.e.  showing text on buttons and mathematics. The Calculator Design has been created in three different levels, from basic to scientific. In order to ensure simplicity for the user, and will allow them to learn how to make their own calculator.

For the first basic level MD C stile script Easy Calculator, GUI designer is shown below:

calculator c stile script gui designer

The second level MD C stile script Standard Calculator, GUI designer is shown below:

standard calculator c style script gui designer

For the third level Scientific Calculator, GUI designer is shown below:

scientific calculator c style script md python gui designer

Evaluate or Deploy EXE with MD C stile script you will get Scientific calculator App shown below

  • Download code Python Easy Calculator and PDF.
  • Download code Easy, Standard and Scientific Calculator and PDF.
  • Download Easy Calculator PDF
  • Download Standard Calculator PDF
  • Download Scientific Calculator PDF
scientific calculator exe