Drag and drop Python GUI Designer

Python GUI Designer in MatDeck
Example GUI designer using MatDeck simple script

MatDeck Python GUI designer is a GUI environment that features drag and drop GUI elements allowing you to create a graphical user interface for custom applications. The complete GUI designer or Python GUI framework contains an exhaustive list of 19 individual GUI objects/elements that can be placed in visual GUI designer.

Once a user has completed their design, it can generate their entire GUI application in programming code. Depending on which script editor is chosen Python GUI framework generated will generate code in Python or MatDeck script (which is simplified C++).

In our free MD Python, the designer GUI is limited to five elements being placed on the work area. However, all other MD products are with non-limited GUI designer, for example, product MD Python GUI Designer is available at extremely affordable price. To became familiar MD Python Designer features and other MD products look Products Feature Table. These features are also available in Engineering Designer.

Python GUI designer or framework elements are:

  • Buttons
  • Radio button
  • Cheek boxes
  • Spin and double spin boxes
  • Labels
  • Combo box
  • Ordinary text box
  • Line text box
  • List text box
  • Progress bar
  • Vertical and horizontal sliders
  • Table widget
  • Combo box
  • 2D and 3D graphs
  • Image widget
  • Instrument widgets
  • Group boxes
  • Tab and scroll widgets

Simplicity of using Python GUI designer is shown in GUI Designer Manual

Shown below is a scientific calculator app, created by the GUI designer:

scientific calculator c style script md python gui designer

The next image is a database form, designed by the GUI designer:

MatDeck MD Python GUI designer

Python 2D and 3D graphs app can also be created using the GUI Designer.  

MatDeck MD Python example elements
MatDeck GUI Designer element properties

Each GUI element/object contains a high level of customisation and personalisation. GUI applications are more bespoke than and as close as possible to the user’s requirements.

MatDeck GUI Designer code

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For tips and useful information on how to use the different features in MD Python, use the following manuals: