Scientific Report Papers in MatDeck

Scientific Report Papers Software

MatDeck is ideal for creating scientific papers or reports to be published. The MD Interface allows for MD Objects, Functions and Elements to be used in columns while still being able to be executed in real-time. When in Column Mode, the MD Document is still a live document, with the only exception being the visual aesthetic of a traditional scientific paper. This allows the user to combine their actual working and proof with their written ideas and hypotheses.

scientific report papers example

Scientific Report Papers: Using Columns

To turn it into column mode you will need to go Ctrl + L, this will toggle the document between columns and the standard writing mode. Once the document is column mode, the user may add Math objects and other MD features; these features will automatically be edited and rearranged to fit the column perfectly. For features or functions, the user will no longer need to insert a canvas; they may directly insert them into a column.

Scientific Report Papers: Adding Objects

scientific report papers adding objects

For example, elements in the picture above can be inserted without a canvas and directly inside a column, the elements themselves will remain the same and evaluate and run as per normal. To insert an element, you will need to click on the element’s image, then you would like to place it.

Scientific Report Papers: Adding and Changing Titles, References and More

As you can see below, references can be easily added and changed to best accommodate a user needs. You can also see how the Columns, Graph Functions(G1) and References 1- 7 all combine together seamlessly to create a sleek look.

scientific report papers adding and changing titles references and more

Headers can also be easily inserted by double clicking on the top of any document, form there the user can type in any text as a header. The same can be done for footers.

scientific report papers insert header

MatDeck also comes with a large array of editing features for editing. As you can see in the image above, you can change things such as font, size, colour, italics, bold, underline, colour, subscript, superscript and more such as paragraph and line spacing as well as indentations and centring. Look at the YouTube video for a MatDeck Scientific Report Paper.

scientific report papers edit options

Scientific Report Papers: Exporting as a PDF

Once done with the document, users can export their file as a PDF, allowing them to be easily distributed among different types of devices. The Export button is found in the File tab.

scientific report papers exporting as a pdf