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Some of the solutions and applications that our software products can provide are:


Python, C++, C, MD script, Debugging, Deploy EXE, MD Software Plugging MD script, Labdeck Note, GUI designer, Databases , Fast computing, App builder, UI builder, App designer

Entrepreneurship and Innovations,

Economics, Finance functions, Computational economics, Business development, New technology, Development concept, Data Visualisation, Live LabDeck notes,


Development, R&D, Design, Organising, Classifying, Custom computing, Automated Research,

Product Life Cycles

Testing, Production, Production planning, Optimisation, Manufacturing and additive manufacturing, Synthesis, Analysis, Validation


Artificial Intelligence, ML Machine Learning Data science, Big Data, Statistics, Probability, Voice and signal processing, Image processing, Data Analytics

Computational economics

Mathematical economics, Data Analytics, Meta-analysis,

Data science

Big Data, Statistics, Probability, Data Analytics

Statistical computing

Statistical Analysis, Data Collection, Data Classifying, Statistical functions


Drug discovery, Genetic engineering, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular genetics, Statistical genetics, Biochemistry synthesis, Cell (biology)

Chemistry and Computational chemistry

Chemical engineering, Physical chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Chemical kinetics, Chemical biology, Chemical physics, Electrochemistry, Solid-state chemistry, Spectroscopy, Thermochemistry, Mathematical chemistry , Statistical mechanics, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Bioinorganic chemistry, Materials chemistry, Nuclear chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Agrochemistry, Fuel Cell, Solid and Polymer Fuel cell

Physics and Computational Physics

Classical Physics, , Thermodynamics, Optics, Statistical mechanics, Special relativity and General relativity, Acoustics,  Electromagnetism, Quantum mechanics, Molecular physics, Atomic physics, Plasma Physics, Solid-state Physics, Computational physics, Quantum computing, Physical chemistry, Mathematical physics, Chemical physics, Superconductivity

Computational mathematics

Mathematics, Discrete mathematics, , Numerical mathematics, Mathematical analysis, Vectors, Matrix Complex, Analysis, Functional analysis, FFT, Wavelets, Harmonic analysis, Differential equations, Statistics, Probability


Analog Electronics, Digital electronics, Power electronics, Microwaves, Control, robotics, Semiconductors, Crystals,


DSP Signal processing, FFT, Wavelets, Filters

Raspberry Pi

Automation, Data Acquisition, SCADA, Virtual Instrumentation,


Aerospace, Nanotechnology, Automation, Composites Automotive, Structural analysis,

Energy, Fuel cell

Superconductivity, Reactors, Plasma Physics, Fusion

Material science

Metals, Alloy synthesis, Extractive and physical metallurgy,

SCADA and Data acquisition Automation, Virtual instrumentation, Virtument, Robotics, Control Systems