One of the basic MatDeck features is the ability to use units in calculations. Every unit has its unique code name. If you’d like to use a certain unit, just type its name in the math object, inside the canvas.

Units unique code name

By default, units are turned on in MatDeck and they are colored blue. To see all available units, to turn them off, to define a new unit or to change the unit system, go to Math tab→Basic math→Units tab.

Units tab

Units can be inserted only in math objects in the canvas. You can insert units in your document in two ways.

The first one is to place a cursor in the canvas and type the code name (displayed blue on the picture above). The second one is to place a cursor in the canvas and click on the unit you want to insert from the list.

When you calculate with values that are defined in units, result will also be in displayed in appropriate units.

Result unit

You can choose which unit system you’d like to use in your units: SI – The International System of Units or USCS – United States Customary System of Units. Results will be shown depending on which system is active.

Unit system

To define a new unit, go to Define tab, insert Unit Group (type existing or create new), Unit Name, Unit Symbol and press the Add Unit button. A unit with the name you have entered will appear in the list above. We’ll name it “exm” in our example. In the empty node, insert a value of the unit and remove the cursor from this field.

Define unit

Go back to Use&Set tab and the example unit has appeared in the unit list. Now we can use it with the code name exm. Create two variables with units and multiply them. In variable d we used our newly created unit exm.

Unit use