Why MatDeck

We are looking to become one of the industry standards. This is a very difficult ambition to achieve and in order to do so we are developing various user and sale options. This will create the alternative option where others can develop software modules based on MatDeck’s plugin technology. You can sell MatDeck modules with any necessary assistance or help provided by us. Our goal is to create a new market using the MatDeck modules.

On the other hand, some companies are unable to develop their own custom software. This is where the MatDeck custom module team will step in and provide client with custom dedicated software modules. Additionally, these modules will also be able to integrate with MatDeck and get all of MatDeck’s features.

Dedicated custom support is also available.

In contrast to other software, MatDeck allows you to truly integrate and combine C script, Python, Drawings, Diagrams, Mathematical functions, Documentations, Tables, Custom Graphical User Interfaces (MatDeck visual GUI editor)  and other feathers in the same file. MatDeck has more than a thousand other different features.

MatDeck flexibility allows you to use different functions from different areas of academics (science, maths, computing …) together to solve tasks. It can be used for very complex and difficult applications for advanced users as well as ordinary everyday tasks that can be done by ordinary users.

We are currently heavily investing in R&D, as we see it as one of our safest ways to give us a long term healthy future, allow us to still be able to provide low, affordable costs for our users, and as mentioned before, become industry standard software.