All versions of MatDeck except MatDeck Perpetual and MatDeck Free require an internet connection to be used, if they do not have an internet connection, they will automatically turn into MatDeck Free, and this applies to all MD Products apart from MatDeck Perpetual. When MatDeck Perpetual does not have an internet connection it will stay as MatDeck Perpetual. However, all versions of MatDeck require an internet connection for updates. Internet connections are required for regular updates as well as the verification of License Keys.

If you get a “Can’t reach server” error than ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that you do not have a firewall blocking a connection between the software and its server.

How to install MatDeck and activate the license

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What are MatDeck's trial limitations?
The trial is limited to 14 days after which it turns to “express/reader” mode.
How do I choose the right MatDeck edition for my needs?
Check differences in detail in this comparison table.
Important for Windows 7 users

When installing MatDeck or MD products for windows 7, you need to first load the VC_REDIS file for the 64 or 86 bit Windows 7 version

How to Install MatDeck and activate the license?

To successfully activate your version of MatDeck you must have internet access.

Only For Windows 7 you need to load VCREDIS file for 64bit or x86 Windows 7 version

To successfully activate your version of MatDeck you must have internet access.

When you purchase MatDeck, you need to first register. After purchasing it, you will receive an email. This email will contain the software key and a link which you need to click on in order to download the installation files and install MatDeck.

If you have not received email or alternatively, you can login at and go to Purchase History, where you can get the software key and a link which you need to click on in order to download the installation files and install MatDeck.

When you install MatDeck, activate the license by going to the Help Tab

labdeck Shop

From this Tab, using the Activate License icon, you can activate your version of MatDeck.

When you press the Activate license icon, another window will appear.

labdeck checkout

Select the MatDeck version (product name) which you have purchased.

Enter the key that you have purchased on the Labdeck website and press Activate.

That is all that you need to do, for other information go to the MatDeck page.

What does single license - two PCs mean?
A single license can be installed on up to two computers, but can not be used simultaneously.


What do I do if I need to reinstall my OS and I run out of MatDeck activations?
In such a case please contact our support team using the form at the bottom of this page.
How can I purchase more than one MatDeck license?
If you need multiple licenses for your school or business organization please contact us. We offer special deals for secondary schools, please fill this form to request a quote.
What are the Minimum System Requirements to run MatDeck?
Matdeck runs on Windows PCs suitable for running Windows 10, 8, 7. You also need 500MB of free hard disk space for software installation.
How to enter discount voucher code?

Go to the LabDeck shop Select MatDeck Commercial Year Subscription (£320.00) and finally, press Add to Cart.

labdeck Shop

Go to the checkout page where you’ll see the link to enter the discount voucher code (marked in red in the next image).

labdeck checkout

If you want to speed up your MatDeck application or have a complex problem, there is dedicated support for your developers at an affordable cost.

If you don’t have the necessary resources, the MatDeck custom module team will step in and provide you with custom dedicated MatDeck software application.

We would like to encourage individuals to learn more about the MatDeck software and give support to other companies.

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