Virtual Instrumentation

Instruments Panel Software Virtument

The MatDeck software has an instruments panel otherwise known as a visual PC instrumentation called Virtument. The Virtument instrument panel can receive and transmit data to both the MatDeck software and documents. Both software’s can connect to the IP address, receive and transmit data. MatDeck can process data by applying various MatDeck mathematical functions including DSP functions for signal processing.

This data can be simultaneously showed on Virtument. There is various data acquisition hardware which uses IP data transfer. Custom MatDeck API can be added by our team to connect our software to any data acquisition and processing data boards and units. The figure below shows the Virtument instrument panel and the MatDeck software connected to the IP address and external data acquisitions and processing data units and boards.

Virtument Instruments Panel has these instrument modules:

  • Gauges – squared, circular, linear…
  • Switches – rotary and toggle
  • Buttons – tact and push
  • Sliders – horizontal vertical
  • Plotter – data graph rolling in real time
  • Digit Meter
  • VU Meter gauges
  • Lamps and Indicators
  • Import images
  • Text boxes
  • Tank
  • Temperature Meter

For all of the instrument modules you can edit and change the scale, font, colours, frame and a plethora of various other features. You can easily create a custom instrument panel.

See Virtument Manual