As the global economy and technology sector become more mechanised and directed by units and devices, software to control it becomes more necessary and prevalent every day. The software necessary to control and monitor arrays of devices takes its form in SCADA.

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. Data acquisition is already available in MatDeck and can be used to control, receive and send data to and from device units. SCADA is an important part of database data acquisition and would only be logical to be a part of MatDeck.

MatDeck SCADA example
Example of a MatDeck SCADA application

SCADA systems are available in MatDeck in the form of MD SCADA. The configuration uses a similar design to Virtument and is tailored for simple and easy use.

As with most MatDeck features, SCADA can be manipulated and used with other MatDeck features. This means SCADA and other features (Graphs, Math functions, Programming…) can be used together in the same MD documents.

MatDeck with SCADA

Configuration forms and SCADA applications

SCADA applications can be broken down to two main components. One being the device used to send, control and receive data and the other being the software used to interpret and display that data. This means communication between the device unit and the SCADA application is essential.

Devices can be connected to and configured using custom dedicated MatDeck configuration forms. Depending on the manufacturer, different configuration forms are available for different devices.

SCADA configuration form

With the device configuration form, the SCADA configuration form is used.

SCADA configuration form

This SCADA configuration form is used to connect specific SCADA elements to specific channels and data inputs/outputs. Various setttings such as the min and max value as well as the sampling rate can be used on each inividual SCADA element.

MatDeck maintains it’s universal framework even when dealing with SCADA applications. Both the unit device and SCADA configuration forms can be used and manipulated in the same document.

Single MatDeck doucment can house all necessary functinos and features of SCADA application so editing and maintainance is made as simple as possible. Not to mention, other MD features can be used and mixed with the SCADA eliminating the need for other software and complex procedures.

Dedicated SCADA Panels

While configuration forms are vital to set up your SCADA applications, SCADA applications wouldn’t exist without SCADA panels. Here, you can add, remove and edit various SCADA individual SCADA elements.

SCADA panels are similar to Virtument panels in MatDeck and use a simple window that contains the work area and various elements that can be deployed.

Each element has a high level of customability and most have unique settings. Elements can be changed to fit the user’s ability and better reprsent data in their application.

SCADA panels

Each element has it’s own properties which includes aesthetic features and data channel settings.

SCADA panles are composed of a work area with a sidebar menu which has 18 individual instruments and 30 plus elements that can be deployed in the work area via drag and drop.

Similar to the configuration forms, SCADA panels can be used and embeded within a MD document or as a standalone window.

embeded SCADA

When all SCADA elements are used and put together, they can be used to represent data from units accuralety and cleverly. Below is an example of a SCADA application made in MatDeck.

See SCADA Manual