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Python Mobile App Android IOS UI Builder

Creating apps and UIs for mobiles is a must-have way of interacting with millions of new customers. All MD Products feature both the Kivy Android IOS UI Builder and the PySide2 Android IOS UI Builder, these UI Designer are perfect for easily creating aesthetically pleasing and fluid apps for both android and iOS. It is available in all MD Products, its unlimited form affordable the MD Python Designer onwards – Compare Products

Both of the UI Designers have the same simplistic design meaning that you can choose either language to code with and not worry about the difficulty of its syntax or the layout of the UI Designers. The simplistic design gives you a what you see what you get environment allowing you to become fluent and experienced with the UI Designers in no time

Drag and Drop Android IOS UI Builder

All GUI Designers and Android IOS UI Builders utilize a drag and drop interface to make creating UI apps simple and straightforward. This is perfect for intricately working a UI into a work of art as the what you see what you get UI Builder will let you directly translate your ideas to reality.

In the video below you can see the simplicity and ease of which elements can be added and customized.

Kivy Android IOS UI Builder

The Kivy Android IOS UI Builder uses the Python Kivy Library to deliver perfectly cross compatible code with a modern look. The code is automatically generated to be resizable making it perfect for any size of device. The UI Code can then directly be used to create an app for Android or for IOS using Kivy’s Method, however, during development we recommend testing app using a Python Mobile IDE as it is much easier.

The Apps can then be used and deployed to the Google Play Store (Android) and the AppStore (iOS). This can all be done using the no-code Kivy Android IOS UI Builder found in all MD Products, its unlimited form is available from the MD Python Designer onwards.

Automatically generated code in MatDeck GUI Designer
Automatically generated code from the GUI Designer. No one line written.

The unique advantage of Kivy is that it is a Python Library, meaning that other Python libraries and code can all be used along side it, this is a clear advantage to other UI Builders which utilize code such as Java, which is not as easy to understand and code in. This poses a clear advantage especially with specialized and unique programs but the no-code Kivy Android IOS UI Builder allows you to take full advantage of the language without the effort.

Kivy also contains several unique functions to utilize specific mobile features such as location, microphones and cameras. This again is another advantage of Kivy as few other libraries have been made to directly support and specialize in Mobile UIs.

PySide2 Android IOS UI Builder

The PySide2 Android IOS UI Builder utilizes the PySide2 Library, a library which is essentially identical to the PyQT library. PySide2 and PyQT are known for their customisation and highly flexible UIs and Widgets, it is however a more difficult library to use for the development of UIs for Android or iOS. However, the library can still be used to create incredibly precise and customized looks for mobile.

PySide2 is a library professionally used for Desktop Applications and has also started breaking ground in the Mobile App universe, with MD Products users can utilize the unreal amount of customisation without coding a single line with the PySide2 Android IOS UI Builder.

Please note that it is significant more difficult to create a mobile app with PySide2 compared to Kivy.