The derivative of a function embodies the rate of the change in respect to one of its variables. When we refer to the degree of derivation, n, it represents the number of times we have done the first tier derivation of a starting function. Whenever the starting function is a function that depend on more than one variable then we refer to partial derivatives, the derivatives with respect to one or more variables.

MatDeck provides you with both the symbolic and the numeric way of solving the derivative. The symbolic part of our software is a natural solution that is used for dealing with every aspect of mathematics that includes the symbolic aspect and it is used for symbolic derivation as well. Beside the symbolical way of solving, we have a set of functions for numerical derivation which can be used when there is a need for values of derivative function in certain points or intervals. The derivation can be also done up to 25 times (the maximum level of derivation supported in MatDeck is 25-th) in both the symbolical and numerical way of derivation.

Partial derivation is supported for all functions that have more than one variable. We have implemented all the necessary rules to complete and use derivations, additions, subtractions, multiplication and derivation rules, scalar multiplying rules, derivation of complex function rules, and many more. Pair this with other MatDeck tools and features which come included the inexhaustible uses of the derivative is intuitive, easy to plot, and in compliance with all other mathematical notations and rules.