Linear Equation and System of Linear Equations

Systems of linear equations and linear equations are both extensively used in modern day mathematical domains that can be found in many aspects of everyday life. They are used in computer graphics, the study of genes, economics, and rate of change, distance and time optimizations and can be done in a number of specialized fields such as physics, chemistry, engineering, and many more.

MatDeck provides two user-friendly tools specifically designed for this which are linear equation solver and system of linear equations solver. We create equations as a object in which you define the linear equation to your preference and provide you with a more custom and versatile approach towards linear define the system of linear equations you need to create a vector of equations. Equations are defined in symbolical form.

Functions that help you solve these problems are:

linsolve – Calculates the solution of a linear equation
linsolvesys – Calculates the solution of a system of linear equations

To solve a linear equation you have one of two options. The first is to use the functions mentioned above or alternatively create an equation as an object, define the function and then just place an equals sign to the right of it which will auto solve the defined problem.