Random Numbers

Random numbers have many uses in science, cryptography, simulations, selecting random samples from large data sets, games and gambling, and in many other forms. MatDeck comes implemented with a diverse range of random number generators of different kinds that can be used to generate numbers, vectors and matrices. Not including the control given to you over the type of output, you can also control the range in which you want to create uniformly created random numbers by simply defining the lower and upper border. MatDeck covers random numbers of the following distributions: Beta, Cauchy, Chi, Double Exponential, Exponential, F-distribution, Gamma, Geometric, Logarithm, Normal, Poisson, and Student’s.

MatDeck functions that covers random numbers and are used for generating them are:

randnum – Random number created with uniform distribution
randvec – Random vector created with uniform distribution
randmat – Random matrix created with uniform distribution
betarandnum – Random number created with beta distribution
betarandvec – Random vector created with beta distribution
betaranrmat – Random matrix created with beta distribution
cauchyrandnum – Random number created with Cauchy distribution
cauchyrandvec – Random vector created with Cauchy distribution
cauchyrandmat – Random matrix created with Cauchy distribution
chi2randnum – Random number created with chi square distribution
chi2randvec – Random vector created with chi square distribution
chi2randmat – Random matrix created with chi square distribution
dblexprandnum – Random number created with double exponential distribution
dblexprandvec – Random vector created with double exponential distribution
dblexprandmat – Random matrix created with double exponential distribution
exprandnum – Random number created with exponential distribution
exprandvec – Random vector created with exponential distribution
exprandmat – Random matrix created with exponential distribution
frandnum – Random matrix created with exponential distribution
frandvec – Random vector created with F-distribution
frandmat – Random matrix created with F-distribution
gammarandnum – Random number created with gamma distribution
gammarandvec – Random vector created with gamma distribution
gammarandmat – Random matrix created with gamma distribution
geometricrandnum – Random number created with geometric distribution
geometricrandvec – Random vector created with geometric distribution
geometricrandmat – Random matrix created with geometric distribution
logarithmrandnum – Random number created with logarithmic distribution
logarithmrandvec – Random vector created with logarithmic distribution
logarithmrandmat – Random matrix created with logarithmic distribution
normrandnum – Random number created with normal distribution
normrandvec – Random vector created with normal distribution
normrandmat – Random matrix created with normal distribution
poissonrandnum – Random number created with Poisson distribution
poissonrandvec – Random vector created with Poisson distribution
poissonrandmat – Random matrix created with Poisson distribution
trandnum – Random number created with Student’s t-distribution
trandvec – Random vector created with Student’s t-distribution
transmat – Random matrix created with Student’s t-distribution