MD Virtument Instrument Panel – Virtual Instrumentation

Virtument is virtual PC instrumentation software that can be used in conjunction with MatDeck software. The Virtument instrument panel (includes in MatDeck) can both receive and transmit data to both MatDeck’s software(s) and documents. Both MatDeck and Virtument can connect to an IP address and receive and transmit data. Various MatDeck mathematical functions can be applied to Virtument virtual instrumentation. The Matdeck functions can process data, including DSP functions, DSP tool kits and various GUIs; all these reducing the amount of code needed (for users that prefer to write in code).

Virtument instruments panel
Virtument instruments panel

MatDeck can process data by applying various MatDeck mathematical functions and DSP functions for signal processing. There are Matdeck GUIs for signal processing and other MD GUIs which are highly customizable to allow for a variety of purposes. MatDeck can communicate with a few hundred other devices particularly devices for data acquisition all these devices can be showed on Virtument.  For more information please visit the data acquisition page. A custom MatDeck API can be added by our team to connect our software to any data acquisition and processing data boards and units.

Virtument and MatDeck example
Virtument and MatDeck example

For all the instrument modules the user can edit and alter the scale, font, colours, frame and a variety of other features. A bespoke instrument panel is extremely quick and easy to make GUIs which can be mixed with or without code are the real time saving features (for examples see our audio equaliser or DSP GUIs pages).

Virtument virtual instrumentation modules:

  • Gauges – squared, circular, linear…
  • Switches – rotary and toggle
  • Buttons – tact and push
  • Sliders – horizontal vertical
  • Plotter – data graph rolling in real time
  • Digitmeter
  • VU meter gauges
  • Lamps, indicators
  • Import images
  • Text boxes
  • Tank
  • Temperature meter
  • and more

The illustration below shows the Virtument instrument panel and the MatDeck software connected to the IP address as well as external data acquisition and processing data unit and boards.

For all of the instrument modules you can edit and change scale, font, colours, frame and various features. You can easily create a custom instrument panel.

See Virtument Manual

See also: MatDeck SCADA

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