MatDeck has incorporated range of functions and tools that can be used for simple and fast data exchange with SQLite database. You can store and read a large amount of data, combine this data with GUI elements to create very useful applications and forms, save results of your calculations in SQLite db files and share then, …

We can divide database functions in two group:

  1. Functions for database data exchange
  2. Graphical objects for database data exchange

Functions for database data exchange are:

  • Database read – with this function you can read data stored in SQLite db document and placed them in MatDeck variable, ready for further use.
  • Database write – with this function MatDeck variable can be writing as data and store in SQLite db document.
  • Database query – with this function you can execute queries in selected database. You have to write queries as a string in SQLite query language, which is basically the standard SQL language that omit some features while at the same time adding a few features of its own.